The sexiest legs and face at the table now come on!

I used to enjoy cleaning and maintaining a house, none I cleaned ever owned to me. I just hate the squaller muck I am living in. I literally want someone to save me, I recall the days as kids we were moving and working all day with our parents moving house and my pedo old unc, used to sit like lord of the manner having meals set out for him on the table while we did all the hard work. I mean that is what I would enjoy, someone cleaning to my instructions and someone else paying it out to get the job done and I sit and study and go out lord class eating out and come home and put my feet up and every b***** work around me fixing this old house of my mom's to our liking. they made the muck they can fix it. I didn't make the muck but I want to be the lady muck living up for a change. I played cinderella cleaning for too long and I want a fairy godmother to fix all my money worries just because she has a good enough heart to and can. not a relative. a complete stranger who has a heart like crystal who will love me for me.

Mar 7, 2017

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