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A cold December morning it was, just eleven days to the new years. The metro station was foggy even till the first floor and the rickshaw pullers downstairs were all wrapped up in woolen sheets. The usual routine was followed and I was heading towards your place, shivering in cold, rubbing my hands against each other, wrapping under my own self and just waiting to see you soon. I was in middle of paying the rickshaw puller when your text just brought a smile on my face "Can't wait to see you". As you opened the door, you held me n pulled me in, wrapped me in your arms n blindfolded me. I was smiling and wondering the state of your mind but just stood there still in patience as I didn't want the surprise to fade. You opened my eyes after a while and all I could see was heaven. Rose petals throughout my way and even through the spiral stairs. My favorite chocolate at every alternate step and a love note on the rest, I could certainly hear my heartbeats so loud that this was just the best. I reached the top most stair n you blindfolded me again, we walked together till your room n then you opened my eyes again. Candles all around the bed and rose petals on the bed, the mink blanket warmed up and my favorite song on repeat. I could not stop smiling, I could not control my content, tears rolled down my face and I couldn't say a word, you hugged me and just looked at me,

"What makes you cry, isn't all this good?"

"It is.. its just unbelievable.. its beautiful"

There was a long pause for a while and the song stopped playing. He went to check, it was a call from his mother. "Ya, maa, I will pay the bill. When's the last date.. okay okay..bye".

He came back to me and asked

"Are you uncomfortable or something"

"No, Im just a little unsure about us.. we know we can't end up together in life.. we know that from the beginning and now all this is making me insane. I want you in my life now and I need a 'forever' with it"

"I cant promise to be with you 'forever', but can assure another one.. I love you and will do, 'forever'!! Trust me, my forever is forever"

He just said "Trust me" and I closed my eyes, trusted and never wished to open again. Its been a year and a half since I have seen him after he ended things between us after three years of my blind trust and his mistrust on me, I don't know where he is, I don't know where our story just diminished and faded in the air, but just believe.. somewhere.. at some phase of time.. his promised 'forever' may come back.. our love may unite us back.. that anguish may fade and just love may float in the wind. Destiny is something I believe in.. Destiny is something you believed in.. Destiny maybe something that our love may end into.

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  • So sweet. Love so pure. Trusting.

  • Then you ran into the quicksand. You struggled and sank. Your ringing voice became muffled. Your mind became cloudy. There was nothing left of you.

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