Always will be..

As The Years will Pass Us by i know I will be growing Old with you only though thousand miles away .
I Want You To Know that you will always occupy a special place in my Heart.
I will never forget how you helped Me Keep smiling When I felt sad,You nurtured my heart as We listened and Sent Each Other Songs.
Though I know nothing about you other than what you made me know yet my heart still calls your name.
I miss those late hours when you used to steal my hours keeping me awake.
I don't know Where the Years will take Us, how many miles and walls will come in between yet I want you to know I will never forget you .You will remain with me forever...
True I can't forget certain things , can't. let go the hurt cos it was me only no one else at the receiving end might be that left such lasting impression that now I feel scare to take a leap so I retreat when I feel am on the verge of crossing my limits.
Some might say preconceived ,baseless fear and so on so forth but I know how much deep every time it has pained my soul so truly I fear now ...
But whatever I can't live without loving you ... Distance is my destiny I have accepted closeness I crave though but I know it will break me again.
Love I will always nothing can stop me myheart never listens I hope you know that...
So just know I want to grow old with you doesn't matter where but in heart you will be with me only forever till my last breath..

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  • What is your name?

  • Eve

  • Yeh I will join the hate club this is a loser of a confession worth vomit and snot

  • ^completely true^

  • Delusional memories k. stop lying frosty the snowman. you never let me sing or hum. you were so bullying and controlling and I never loved you and I never liked being around you. so get over it ! move on.

  • Don't do this again.

  • Why the f*** are we still waiting for new posts to appear?

  • Time to just s*** this b**** down. Turn off the lights. Pull the plugs. Close the blinds. Walk out to the parking lot. And go the f*** home.

  • Just call her as soon as possible and have open conversation with her. How can she ever know how you really feel if you don't open up to her and tell her how you feel?

  • is still around. Post your confessions there.

  • How many more roads to be taken to reach the destination

  • This site now sucks. I'm addicted. I keep coming back but the owners have ovbiously given up. Mores the pitty.

  • I loathe the way you have such a overestimated view of a relationship when your just in a fantasy.

  • I couldn't imagine such pain and frustration. it sounds unbearable, how do you cope up until now?

  • My confession: I married my husband for his money, but really, he is a major limp-d*** in the sack. He's 48 and can't keep it up. I'm 29 and I feel that I could do much better, but there is the whole money thing. I love being wealthy. I love shopping. I love getting f***** too, and one of these days I'm going to end up cheating. I just know it. I can feel it. I'm a little disgusted, but it is what it is.

  • Fatty!

  • It's now official: this site is the worst piece of crap out there. We give up! We know that you'll never again review and post any of our confessions. Thanks for wasting so much of our time! Do you suck? Yes, you suck BIG TIME!

  • Another confession: Mostly I'm angry because I had to change for him. He was anti-feminist and I pretended that I would bend to his will. If you read through these confessions, you can see what men are like deep down and how they view women, it's horrifying how they see women as toys for their sexual pleasure and it's no wonder there is so much rape out there. The world will never be the same and I feel I even had a part in that, I wasn't true to who I am.

  • Ok i gotta go but hate on hate club!

  • Yes, so much hate. So little time.

  • Put perverted penises through the meat grinder! hate hate hate!

  • Yes, I love it! Grind those putrid pitiful pointless penises in the grinder. GRIND, baby, GRIND!!!!

  • So much hate! Feed on it!

  • Hate these f****** monitors! Hate this f****** site!!

  • Hate them toooooo!

    103 comments, you did it!

  • I'm hater 1

  • Im hater 2

  • I am hater three! We all hate hate hate this site forever

  • Hater #4 here, help us get to 100 comments in protest

  • My confession is more b**** need to be snipped off in this world. I hate lying cheating men, they are all rotten to the core.

  • I'm with YOU, girl. Let's start by cutting my husband. Cheating b****** m***********. Slice those b**** off. He's NUMBER ONE. And I'm Hater No. 5.

  • Ahahaaa
    hate! hate! hate! chop em all off!

  • Another woman here......cut the b****! CUT THE B****!

  • We could start our own march right here, complete with p**** hats. we could take over the site. we could take over the world! no more p**** until we get what we want. no more p****. only hate. HATE!!!!!!!!

  • Ok- dont heart my stuff, hearts are anti-hate, hearts are for suckers

  • Totally. "Hearts are for suckers"!!!! YES! Hate is the answer!!

  • Don't wait to hate! Join Hate CLub now!

  • Keep going - let hate rule this site!

  • The first rule of Hate Club is: You constantly talk about Hate Club. The second rule of Hate Club is: You constantly talk about Hate Club. Third rule of Hate Club: Someone yells stop, goes limp, taps out, the hate is only starting. Fourth rule of Hate Club: no limit on the number of guys to a hate. Once you start hating, you never stop.

  • Im in! :-)

    hate rules this site! Let hate bring it down!

  • Hate does rule this site. And hate will bring the f***** down! BRING IT DOWN!!

  • My confession is - I hope his d*** rots off

  • I hope so, too!!! Why????? Because I f****** hate him! HATE!!!!

  • He is hate too, he breathes the breath of hate into women

  • OMMFG! That is so perfect. "He breathes the breath of hate into women". EXACTLY!!!!

  • Stick him with confession voodoo pins thanks

  • YESSIR!!!

  • You can love someone even though they aren't with you. Even if they are with someone else. Love trumps all.

  • Not if they dont deserve it

  • Yes, finally! Someone with the will and the strength to stand up to all this bullshit! If they don't deserve it! Well......f*** 'em! HATE 'EM!!!!

  • Hate will win the day - they are all losers with their c** sniffing fantasies, I hope this site burns down with them in it

  • Amen! Let it be so!!!!

  • C** sniffers. Hate them. Then let them die!

  • They must die!!!!

  • Don't wait to hate. Hate right now! Join the Hate Club!!!! JOIN THE M************ HATE CLUB!!!!! Do it now. HATE these f******! All of them! Hate Club Forever!!!

  • Hate is the answer

  • Hate is life.


  • I hate this website too and all the dirty men, I hope they all die. If I ever saw one sniffing someone's underwear, I'd film it and post it online with his name.

  • Let's band together and wreck the whole f****** site. These lazy bastards will be sorry they ever f***** with us. f*** them! F*** THEM!!!

  • F*** all those dirty dirty diseased men. f*** them all.

  • Where do we start?

  • My confession: I hate him now. If he died, I'd probably celebrate. I hate all men, they are the selfish, disgusting creatures in existence.

  • Not all men are bad. Just like not all human beings are bad.

    Have you had some bad experiences with a man or some men?

  • I'm hoping a new Hitler is born to kill him and all the other men that can't keep their d**** in their pants

  • I want them dead, too! But right now, we just need to hate them.

  • Yes, yes hate is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A new Hitler would be perfect. I'm in favor of a Hitler for the millennials! I vote for Milo Yiannopoulos! He is sooooooooo HATE CLUB!

  • He's too gay, although he might help with the gay ones. We need a woman to tie them up and cut off all b**** and penises. Serial c*** hacker.

  • Yes! Totally! A hacker! NOW!

  • The most selfish. Also, I'm not wishing death upon him but if he died, I'd probably smile.

  • I don't want to wait for the monitors to check it first so I'm gonna post my confession now. For the past six months or so I've been banging one of my mom's drinking buddies. She's 48 and she's nasty and I love her.

  • I hate you too

  • We all do. We all hate. Let's hate together. HATE CLUB!! HATE CLUB FOREVER!

  • You're banging her and she's nasty.... I hate to inform you that you don't love her you are in l***.

  • Once upon a time, this site was great. One of the best. Now? It's the worst. And by a long LONG shot. Shut the m*********** down and stop wasting our time.

  • Let's spam this place and bring it down.

  • Let's go. Let's start this very minute. Blow it up! BLOW IT UP!

  • I agree, shut it down.

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  • Yes! YESSSSS! Let's bring the whole thing down around their ears!

  • This site sucks. I'm addicted but the new confessions take far to long to show up

  • Sick of all their s***. Their ignoring us. Well, they won't ignore us after today, will they! They won't! They CAN'T!!!!!

  • OFF WITH THEIR F****** B****!!!!

  • I agree. I'm gonna start my post here.

    Title: Untitled
    Topic: Venting
    By: Anonymous

    I still think about you, and I miss you. I recently saw a video of someone who passed away and they looked so much like you that I cried so bad, thinking of how terrible I would feel if something ever happened to you. I wish you could hold me in your arms and kiss me; sing to me until I fall asleep. Although you'd constantly thank me for helping you, you've also helped me so much. You brought out great things in me. You unintentionally taught me patience and understanding. Through your affection and compassion, you've shown me that it's okay to feel. And although it hurts that we may never come in contact again, I appreciate you and what you've shown me. I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you.

  • Dont feel, that is stupid because people are disgusting. there are no humans left on earth, all despicable creatures of hate lies and greed. i hate along with them all

  • Your hate is the problem and you're consumed with it! To overcome hate, lies and creed; you shouldn't allow your heart/mind and soul to be infested by them. Once you do, you lose a part of yourself that was good.

    All you can do; is live your life as honestly, genuinely and purely, the best you can. Treat others like you'd want to be treated and with the goodness you have in your heart.

    Hate will not overcome hate. But goodness will.

  • No, your wrong! Hate will accomplish the best result! Don't wait. Start to hate.

  • I hate you


  • Keep telling your fantasies to yourself and maybe you will really believe them. there is no love in this world, you are stupid

  • Why do you keep commenting to your own comments and pretending like you're different people every time? Seems like you're disturbed and a little psychopathic.

  • I didnt write that

  • Yes! No more love! Only hate! HATE! HATE CLUB FOREVER!!!!

  • Dear future husband,

    Put our union in God's hands. He will take the wheel. Hold on to your faith.


    Your future wife

  • F*** off

  • Holy s*** take responsibility for your own life. you decide your own path to a far greater extent than some made up god.

  • F*** off a******

  • Wtf?

  • WTF? I'll tell you what the f***! Wreck These F******!!!!! Destroy this site! Crash it. F*** it. Burn it to the ground!!!!

  • Burn!!!!!

  • Let the hate take over your mind, your body, your soul. go with it. let it build until you hate completely.

  • Burn their b****,and then cut them off!

  • OMG all these sick m************! Burn this place! Burn it!

  • Total agreement^^. Burn this m*********** down!!!

  • This is heartbreaking. The great of your past pain stopping you from being with your now true love. Like is way too short to live in fear. Take that leap and trust in God that He will work it out. If you love that person, tell them. They probably have no idea that you even have the slightest feelings for them. Communication is key. Don't hide. Talk. Love. Live. Pray. Be

  • This is stupid and this person is stupid for posting it here

  • Your comment is stupid and you're probably as stupid!

  • You're stupid for replying to a comment about stupidity, go back to watching your daytime drama show

  • You're stupid for reprimanding someone for commenting on a comment, regarding stupidity, when you're doing the same thing you stupid ass! You're just as stupid as that commentator!

  • No more stupidity. Just more hate! HATE!!!

  • Ok I can do that

  • Reminds me of someone I used to know. He denied having feelings for me despite his words and actions. When I called out his denial and expressed my pain, he continued to deny, apologized about "leading me on", and friendzoned me. I told him off, rightfully so, as my feelings were being toyed with. He even made false accusations against me. He needs to realize when someone truly cares and not hide in his turtle shell when the other person is being straightforward.

  • What a complete loser and he wont ever realize so you are stupid for thinking that.

  • Corrections;


  • Hahaha you that f***** tranny!

  • Blow up this site! Bring it down!!!!!

  • Tired of all the bullshit on this site??????? Yeah, well join the club! The hate club! JOIN THE HATE CLUB! HATE!!!!!!!!

  • You and me were always with each other
    Before we knew the others was ever there
    You and me we belong together
    Just like a breath needs the air

    I told you if you called I would come runnin'
    Across the highs the lows and the in between
    You and me we've got two minds that think as one
    And our hearts march to the same beat

    They say everything it happens for a reason
    You can be flawed enough but perfect for a person
    Someone who will be there for you when you fall apart
    Guiding your direction when you're riding through the dark,

    Oh that's you and me
    You and me we're searching' for the same light
    Desperate for a cure to this disease
    Well some days are better than others,
    But I fear no thing as long as you're with me

    They say everything' it happens for a reason
    You can be flawed enough but perfect for a person
    Someone who will be there for you when you fall apart
    Guiding your direction when you're riding through the dark
    And they say, everything it happens for a reason
    You can be flawed enough but perfect for a person
    Someone who will be there for you when you start to fall apart,
    Guiding your direction when you're riding through the dark
    Oh that's you and me
    That's you and me

  • No more poetry. Just hate! HATE!! Don't wait to hate.

  • Get over your stupid fantasies, they are f****** someone else.

  • They're

  • Thats called a contraction it is = it's

  • I know that lol I was actually replying back to the comment, I forgot to put a question mark at the end of it (:

  • On with the haaaaaaaaaaate!

  • They're full of hate! THEY ARE ALL FULL OF HATE!!!! AND SO ARE WE!!!! WE ARE THE HATE CLUB!!!!!!!!

  • Hate is my middle name

  • You're in charge.

  • I love you for that! Love you! You're the new president of the Hate Club! TELL US WHAT TO DO!!!!

  • It must be so painful feeling this way how its holding you back from the future and present. how do you cope it sounds unbearable situation to be in. i can't imagine that feeling. how can you help yourself today to snap out of it and move on.

  • Why would you feel sorry for an a****** that writes here?

  • All lies

  • Agreed

  • Yeh but everytime I hummed or sang you told me to shut up and you didn't like me expressing emotion and feeling the enjoyment of songs around you keknowy so how can you say you loved me so much.

  • Shut up

  • No! NO!!!! DOn't shut up! HATE! Hate right now! Join the f****** HATE CLUB!! Join now! Don't wait to hate! Hate now! Join the hate club!!!

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