Not my fault

That really tall super hard black guy at work has been flirting with me ever since I started working there and I sort of flirted back after a while. So when he actually came on to me that one night I couldn't hardly say no. Now...........I don't think I can hardly stop it. Like ever. I do love my husband but he doesn't hardly even interest me any more. All I can seem to think about is that black guy.

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  • You can't stop thinking about a sweaty porch monkey?? Wow do you have low self-esteem!

  • She's going to be a w**** for him and his friends, any white woman that let's black touch her is the lowest kind of w****.

  • This guy works. You must be sitting at some rented trailer home porch watching your neighbors. You so stupid you do not even understand the meaning of the term porch monkey,or its applicability in this post. You are white and therefore should understand the difference between using your brain and your s***. In this case you are using your s*** when you are not supposed to.

  • The only thing he works at is giving losers a sense of purpose. That you need someone like him to make you feel like your depravity is normal speaks volumes about your sad mental health.
    I agree with the other poster. You are getting stuffed by a porch monkey.

  • That's just idiotic racist b.s. If you saw this guy's d*** you'd be impressed. I see it often and I'm still impressed!!

  • -_-

  • If you saw this man you would NOT think that!!

  • I'll bet he smells like a rabid ape.

  • When is the last time you showered? You probably have no teeth you have to swallow s*** just to stay alive.

  • He is jealous and hateful. One thing most white men fear more than death is seeing a white woman with a black guy.

  • Do you have a credible cite for your assertion? Post it if you do. Otherwise, your paedophilia will be discussed with everyone here.

  • F*** no they can't show any real facts. It's just their bullshit opinion that doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

  • This stuff is like a script from an ntr manga swear id say its time for an open relationship my guess your probably not gonna stop and your husband will soon be in fullblown cuck mode time to explore some more unconventional options to salvage this relationship

  • Not being judgy here, but c'mon. It's at least partially your fault. The whole "driven into the arms of another man" story is pretty tired. You like this guy more than your husband and you're choosing to be with him at the risk of your relationship. Own it.

  • The power that this man has over women in general, and me in particular, is truly a force of nature. And I feel like this is a natural thing, like I'm being pulled to him by some sexual gravity that's beyond earth's gravity and far beyond my own will. He's very used to getting what he wants and I feel lucky that he wants me. Yes, I agree that there's great risk to my marriage......GREAT risk. But I can't hardly resist the pull that this man has. He wants it, so I give it to him.

  • Power over you? LOL! You spread easier than jelly.

  • With him? Yeah, I guess I do!

  • No, with anyone you'll spread for. Face it, if it wasn't for your loose caboose you'd be worthless.

  • If you saw this guy's d*** you would spread too.

  • No I wouldn't, because I have morals unlike your adulterers nasty ass.

  • When he pulls that thing out, morals become pointless and silly. And counterproductive.

  • Sort of like intelligent thought processes, apparently. Rationalize all you want, hoor.

  • You sound hot AF.

  • UR Filth

  • N***** lover

  • I can't say I truly love this man, but I know I can't do without him. And I know he satisfies my longings like no one else ever has. And I know he is all MAN.

  • You don't know what love is obviously. He's a player and you're too stupid to see you're getting played.

  • A joke

  • What we do is serious. It isn't play. It's real. Not fake news.

  • When is he getting you pregnant?

  • God, it is so amazing to me that you actually said that! OMG! He (my black lover) hasn't said that to me and I don't really think he wants me knocked up, but he has said some things that make me believe he might ask me for that. Not about babies but just about ownership.....of me and of my body and of my life. And to be honest about what you said.......I have actually dreamed about that very thing, and I have had s** fantasies about it. I know, I know: being pregnant and having a child is NOT sexy.......but ommfg........ when I think about getting impregnated by THIS MAN? I get so m.f. h**** that it hurts! Don't know how you knew! But it is soooooooo wild that you did know!!!!

  • Yea go ahead get knocked up by him then he can abandon you and the kid not pay child support and later you can go on Mory Povich for paternity test

  • He would never abandon me. He's better than that.

  • Better than that? He's messing around with a married woman...well, allegedly a woman. You two share a single brain cell.

  • He f**** better than anyone.

  • How do you like being a useless gutterslut?

  • He certainly thinks I have uses......many of them! And he would never call me that word!

  • You're still his Mattress Mistress for him to use and discard when he runs across another self-loathing hodag.

  • Yes when women do... its not your fault but when do ... your gender cry out infidelity

  • Yes when women do... its not your fault but when men do ... your gender cry out infidelity

  • It's not really infidelity. It's fate. I'm supposed to be with this new guy. I feel that.

  • Why? Is it because you're homely and gullible?

  • No, it's because there is so much nature at work between us. And he is a force of nature.

  • Nature? LOL!

  • Well s*** at least tell him so he can go f*** someone he is interested in too

  • No, that would be disastrous. I won't tell him. I really can't. Plus, I want both of them. For different reasons, but I do want them both.

  • Once you go black, you never go back..... because no white man will have your ass back.

  • LOL. You're cute. But I have to say that any white man would want to get with me.

  • Only if they're cruising for a venereal disease.

  • In my case, I actually COULD go back to my husband, but now that I've been getting black d****, why WOULD I?

  • Because he won't take your n***** loving ass back

  • He already does that you idiot!

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