I want to be a humiliated cuck

Hello all, I'm a Mid 30's married British Indian. My wife is gorgeous thick Indian woman size 12/14 36dd's and extremely vanilla! It's taken me yes to get her into toys... the thought of another c*** scares her! But I would love her to be a full size queen at the command of a real bull with a proper c*** to satisfy her with. While I'm locked in chastity and humiliated. I think of all the f***** up s*** I would have to do, get her ready to be f*****. Be theirs personal slave and errand boy . Guiding big d**** into her.etc I fantasise about my humiliation, forced bi, only being able to f*** her using the bulls used condom, getting them to c** over my pillow ... work clothes etc! I don't know why this turns me on so much but it does!
Is this normal?? Anyone else have these thoughts??

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  • I am a white american with Indian wife and we have been swingers etc for years. She likes more masculine men than me. She is attracted to black, african, arab and other men. She is Hindu but is turned on being used by pak and other muslim men.

  • Your lifestyle sounds f****** amazing!!!!
    Respect to your wife for exploring her sexuality. Culturally that's a massive taboo... but then so is marrying a white man lol!
    In all seriousness... lots of respect to you wife

  • I'm Indian...That sounds hot

  • You never thought about cuckolding before?

  • I have a similar fantasy only without the humiliation. I want my wife to pick up a stranger when we're on vacation and bring him back to our hotel room. Thenow both the stranger and I will proceed to treat my wife like a queen as we both f*** her in every position filling every hole.

  • Never thought about it without the humiliation? Interesting...

  • That is crazy but I've read about this fantasy before. That being said you can't force your wife into this if she doesn't want to.

  • You are 100% correct! I would never force anything that's not fair. That's why it's just fantasy right now

  • Aren't all fantasies crazy? That's why they are called taboo.

  • Good luck. Once tasted always wanted.
    My wife tried and now is uncontrollable.
    You will be if no use to her except to clean and pay for s***. No going back

  • Sounds like you're living the life I want!

  • Wow I'd love to f*** an Indian woman who has big t***, I'm 20 with a big c***

  • I'm sure she'd enjoy being pleasured by a big c***!!! She does have big t*** and a juicy chubby p****

  • Come and f*** my 28 year old Pakistani fiancée! She’s still a virgin, so I’m sure you’ll like that even more! Feel her virgin c*** squeeze your big d***! Every muscle in her virgin p**** will massage all your c** out for you to become the first man to c** in her, too.

    This is my greatest cuckold fantasy, so I hope you don’t me watching!

  • I hear Paki women f*** like whores

  • Have you never tried one... find a sexually unsatisfied married one and have fun!

  • I'd love for you to f*** my Pakistani virgin fiancée, since you like f****** taken Pakistani women. It's my greatest fantasy to know my fiancée chose another man to be her first over me. I hope you find my fiancée!

  • No but want to f*** your black b****

  • Thank you

  • I'd love to f*** the black b**** as you watch

  • As long as she was pleasured I would just obey

  • I'm Irish with a big c*** I'd love to f*** an Indian woman, I'm bi so we could all have fun

  • Who you kidding. If your Irish it is small

  • F*** off you thick English w*****, bet you have never had a F*** in you life

  • How do you know? Have you f***** many Irish men?

  • Still prob bigger than mine!

  • As long as there is pleasure for her and abuse humiliation and degradation for me then it would be all good! Funny thing we are off to Dublin in April! Lol

  • You will get many men to f*** her in Dublin. I'm in Birmingham. Will you suck my c*** after I have f***** her, you can w*** after as we laugh at you spunking

  • We are not far from the West Midlands. I would do whatever I am told to do by my wife! You'd love to destroy a chubby Indian married p****...!

  • How big are her t*** and is her c*** hairy and will you suck my c*** in front of your wife

  • P**** is trimmed... sometimes bald. 38dd's

  • Wow sounds great I'd love to f*** her

  • I'm sure you'd destroy her!

  • I have had a desire to f*** an Indian woman for a long time, especially when her husband is present, just ha a w*** thinking about f****** her

  • If you're into Pakistani women, too, then maybe you'll like to try a rare opportunity to f*** a taken woman who's still a virgin. My fiancée is a virgin, and it's my greatest fantasy to watch her choose another man to be her first, instead of me. I want to get off on the humiliation of knowing I have forever lost the chance. It will make you feel like the greatest alpha male ever. Her tight virgin c*** will be the best p**** you've ever had. Be the first to c** in her, too.

  • Can we meet

  • This is my fantasy not hers... well it yet anyway

  • I want to help you explore it, I'm bi so we could have some fun as well

  • Lol would only ever meet anyone if my wife wanted to live out this fantasy... one day I hope she is on board

  • I have a fat 8in c***, and want to f*** her

  • F*** my virgin fiancée next.

  • I'm sure she'd enjoy that too

  • Just had a w***, thinking of sticking my fat c*** up her black c*** and sucking her big t*** as you watch. Pity you weren't here to lick the s**** of my c***, then go home and kiss your wife with your spunky lips

  • As long as the wife was pleasured I would obey!

  • How big, is your c***, does it satisfy her. Sounds like her c*** is juicy and plump. I'd adore to force my fat c*** into her c*** doggy style with you underneath, you face just below her c*** with my c*** banging her hard and when I s**** it will drop onto your face

  • About 4.5 inches, pretty sure she is not satisfied. Her p**** is juicy and chunky! If I could I'd upload some pics! Sounds like an amazing scenario

  • With a c*** that small, I bet she would love a real man's c*** up that chunky c***. Do you f*** her often enough and does she know you are a lady boy?

  • Sim sure she would love a real size c*** inside her.... giving her pleasure like never before

  • Let me help

  • And how would you help???

  • By F****** her long and hard

  • F*** my virgin fiancée long and hard next!

  • I'm sure everyone involved would enjoy that!

  • You could c*** me hard again, when I've funked her, then I'd s**** in her mouth and. You could w*** your little c*** as we expect watch

  • Sounds like you've done this before....

  • Many times but never an Indian couple, my fat c**** hard thinking about F****** her. We could have a foursome and you could F*** my wife

  • Sounds like fun! Your fat c*** would ruin her juicy p****... she'd be begging for more! She likes it rough!

  • Well I hope I get the chance, my wife loves to going in as well, she is bi and never had an Indian woman or man

  • Wow have you guys cuckolded before?
    I think me and my wife I the need someone to take charge! I'm sure you'd both have a lot of fun with my wife!

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