My parents spanked me until I was 21

My mother and father were very strict and spanked me until I got married when I was 21. There were quite a few incidents I could discuss but I will talk about one. I moved away from home briefly when I was 19. This was mostly to escape the rules and punishments, I also wasn't getting along with my sister who was 15 at the time. The morning I left my sister and I had gotten into a fight and my mother took her side again. I smarted off to my mom and she grabbed my arm and took me to my bedroom. She grabbed my large wood backed hairbrush, sat on the edge of my bed and pulled me over her lap. She lifted my nightgown and lowered my panties. She spanked me until I screamed and cried in front of my little sister. I packed my stuff and moved in with a friend later that day. I ended up coming back home about 6 months later and was spanked until I got married to my husband of almost 19 years.

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  • I kept my punishment a secret. I know people say if their parents tried to hit them that they would punch their mom or dad. I didn't do that. I guess I was that super obedient child. Maybe I was immature. I did not feel abused. I just did what I was told and if I misbehaved then I was punished and I just accepted it.

  • Same with me. Whenever mom or dad told me to get over their knee, I did what I was told. Dad gave 6 spanks, with is hand, and mom usually gave 1o spanks. I remember a night when I was 16, and my mom turned me over her knee and gave me the most spanks I ever had. I didn't count the spanks, however I believe mom must have administered 25 spanks, or more that night. I must have really needed a good spanking, and mom saw to it, to give me a really good, long spanking, that I'll never forget!

  • I accept it as a price worth paying for the easy life I have living at home

  • Every time my mom spanked me, she put me over her knee, even when she gave me my last spanking at age 19, for hitchhiking.m Mom had a rule that was "you hitchhike, I spank" and it didn't matter how old I might be. I hitched for the first time when I was a freshman in college. My mom found out, and when I went home for Christmas break, the first thing mom said was "you know what happens to a naughty boy who hitchhikes, now what do I have to do?" When mom asked that question I knew a spanking was coming, so rather than argue, I answered "give me a spanking". So there I was, 19 years old, 6'2" tall, weighing 200 pounds, and right across my mother's lap for a spanking. Mom gave me 20 good sound spanks, and I never hitched another ride, after getting such a good spanking for it.

  • Smacked bare bum at 24 by mum

  • I had to pull my panties down and lift my shirt up too. Often they would scold me while I stood there bare from my nipples to my knees. My body was no secret and I was particularly ashamed to show my b******

  • I'm nineteen and my dad spanied me just this April because I told my mom to mind yet business. She was pestering me about an application so I could get a second job, even though I already worked full time and was expected to help around the house and help all my other siblings. After I told her to mind her business, I went upstairs to fold clothes, I turned around to put up a shirt, and my dad was there with a belt. He started beating me from my back, to my bottom, legs, and hitting my arms. He even pushed me onto my little sister's toddler bed when I hit my head and sprained my wrist, and he wasn't satisfied with beating me until several minutes in when I finally started screaming. I was bleeding an yad weots and bruises for a whole two months afterwards. They joke about it, now, and I pretend like I'm better, but I still want them dead, sometimes.

  • I would have wanted them dead to, beleive that they will get theres and you need to get out and tell them to go to h***.

  • My mom also spanked me over her knee when I was 19, for hitchhiking, she had always told me never to hitchhike and if I did and she found out, I would be spanked over her knee no matter how old or big I might be. I hitched my first ride when I was 19 and in college, and when my mom found out I went over her knee and she gave me 20 good spanks, It was the hardest spanking I ever got and I never hitchhiked again!!!

  • I'm the quiet guy at the party who's just glad to be there. To be accepted but being a bit awkward. kind of shy because I'm wary of getting too close or saying something socially awkward. I'm the guy who at 20 still had to ask his parents may I go out to a party. At 20 to be given a curfew. Who when he got home would have to tell his parents where he was and what went on at the party. Who would have his parents sniff his breath to check for smoke or alcohol.

    I'm the guy who if he forgot to do his chores or spoke back to them was required to bend over and be caned. I never resisted even at 20, 21 and so on. It was't frequent but often enough and ever present threat. It might be for simply having a sullen attiude or for loosing my temper or any activity that was deemed rebellious disrespect.

  • How old are you now?

  • I am 52

  • Do you still like to be spanked??

  • I have fanticised aboout it. Years ago I naively suggested to my wife that she spank me. She told me I was sick so I never mentioned it again.

  • I'm going out with a lady, we are both in our 40's second mariage. She told me she was never allowed to say 'no' to her mother. She said she got married to her first and only boyfriend within months of finishing high school because of the strictness and punishments that continued right up to 18. If she said no, she was punished. Anything from being screamed at to being totally ignored by her mother. No acknowledgement of her existance. Eventually the only way to break the silence was for her to go to her mother and apologise for her rebellious nature and request an attitude correction. This involved her having to bend over and be paddled by her father. No nudity. She had to wear a tracksuit as her parents were very strict about modesty but her mother would check that she had no undies on under the tarcksuit so there was only one layer of cloth. She said her bum would be purple and brown from the bruising and that would extend down to the back of her theighs even though she was not hit there. She'd have to wear long dresses and tights for several weeks while it healed.

  • I would've used that same brush and beat the s*** out of your mothers ass, if she did that to me! That's f****** diabolical!

    I'm incredibly lucky I wasn't treated that way, by my parents. I wouldn't withstand that crap from anyone, regardless if they're family or not! And neither should you! Your mother physically abused! She could've sat you down and talked to you, but instead chose to use violence!

  • It just always happened and there didn't seem a way out. I did muster up the courage to leave that day but needed to return shortly after due to finances. Fighting back seems logical I understand. Considering I was 5'3 and usually between 100-105 lbs and my mother was 5'9 and probably 175 lbs she could force me over her lap. After I had returned I confided in my then fiancée what was happening, even though it was embarrassing. He was understanding and stood up to my parents, which I had He moved me out of my parents house a month before we got married. This was over 19 years ago. My parents and I have a decent relationship, they have apologized profusely and say they were wrong to use physical discipline, although it was a lot more common back then. My sister and I do not get along well though. I have forgiven my parents but have obviously not forgotten.

  • I was spanked, by both parents, back in the days, when most parents spanked. I always knew exactly the reason for every spanking, and learned many life lessons, over my mom's and dad's knee. Mom and dad, both gave every spanking over their knee, with their hand, on the seat of my pants, and mom always spanked in a private place. Dad gave spankings always in the living room, and often family members saw him spank. There were a number of times, he spanked both my brother and me, at the same time. When this happened, for whatever reason, I was always first to go over dad's knee. I never had to forgive my parents, for spanking me the way they did, and to this day, still respect them for the spankings they had to give me, I deserved every spanking, and likely there were times I should have been spanked and got off without a spanking.

  • Fiancée is referred to an engaged woman
    Fiancé is referred to an engaged man

  • As a child subject to this, you cant stand up for yourself. Maybe some could but I didn't. I never rebelled. When instructed I would plead with my eyes and start to shiver and shake but still I just turned round and bent over. By the time you are 20, you are so beaten into submission that you just continue. You walk the tightrope between the world and your family. To make a mistake at home and suffer the consequences. I don't know why I never resisted but I know I just couldn't. I believe that had my parents even when I was married and in middle age had they demanded I submit for punishment I woud have just meekly complied. I can not explain why. I am embarassed about that and would never admit it in a face to face conversation.

  • The way to look at it is it's only a spanking. How bad can a spanking be? It doesn't hurt forever, and it's over quickly. It's how I reacted to every spanking, and my mom gave me my last spanking two days, after i turned 19. I remember my last spanking, but know I deserved it and don't dwell over it.

  • I can try to understand. I imagine when you're in the thrall of years, where you've been groomed/conditioned in receiving these punishments - that it's difficult to react differently to them.

    I know someone whose suffered abuse of various forms by their parents and even to today as a person of mature age, they submit to their parents emotional manipulations, because it's hard for that person to break that toxic cycle - they were conditioned that way.

    However, that doesn't mean you or that person shouldn't try to break that cycle. Don't relinquish anymore control to your parents, you're no longer a child and have the right to promote your human rights. Any form of abuse is unacceptable. Abuse isn't love and what your family did to you, wasn't love. They tried and succeeded at controlling you, with acts of physical abuse. Physical abuse isn't love.

    One love and respect :-)

  • The weird thing is I always felt intensly loved. That they really loved me because they want me to be good and yet I have failed and they love me so much to try and fix me. I never at the time considered it abuse and actually even though with the benefit of age, I look back and sort of self examine, I still actually don't describe my upbringing as abuse. I just can't describe it myself even though I understand that someone else, probably everyone else, would. If that makes sense.

  • My parents now deceased but still the lessons learned mean that I am hesitant to speak my mind. I tend to agree with whoever I am talking to.

  • That is awful to go through corporal punishment for so long, how much anger has that left you with inside for someone else you have a sexual relationship or friendship or workplace to deal with one day? you sound like you go from one whiny moany complaining tale to another and drama after drama for a sexual outlet to deal with the anger and its so negative all the time how do you cope? I bet your the big talker bubbly chatterbox at the party who always pretends to be happy with life and underneath your in so much pain but you know you can never show it or your s** life will suffer. sounds like an emotional rollercoaster with no room for any fun park.

  • Sounds like you are speaking from experience...

  • I second that lol

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