I now get spanked by my wife

My wife is a quiet lady, we have been married a year now. Well, we got into spanking a little bit and I told her how once I lost a bet and was spanked for it.

She decided to give it a try and spanked me, and at first hated the idea of hurting me.

But she got more and more ok with the idea of spanking, so much that she got a paddle in the mail with holes. Now, whenever she is in the mood, she order me over the bed in my small "man pantys" as she calls them.

Well, last month I made a big purchase for an event without asking her- I let her know about it I just didn't make it a couples decision. The next day she had me over the bed, and spanked me with such force, I could tell she meant each swat. I fell on my stomach after awhile and she kept paddling me, laughing at it all, and then pulled down my underwear and used her hand, which she never does. It was the most humiliating moment of my life, because it felt like I was being disciplined, like I deserved it.

Nov 6

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  • My wife sometimes paddles me, then she fondles my b**** and make it all better.

  • My wife is the dominant in our relationship. I am submissive. She does punish me but she recognizes that physical spanking is a reward for me. My endurance of pain is an acknowledgement of her leadership. It is a reward in a way for both of us.

    Initially she was very negative about hitting me because she associated it with punishment but I requested her to spank and whip me and I wanted her to punish me when I did not live up to her expectations or did something that upset her. I said I wanted to change to not do things that upset her and that physical pain might help. So with reservations she gave it a try.

    We agreed that adults are unlikely to respond to punishment in as far as behavior modification is concerned.

    Over time we agreed that I craved showing my submission and obedience and she became both more confident in being overt and demanding and dominant.

    So with spanking she understood that it helped me to be more submissive and that I did not view it as abuse. We also engaged in restricting my o****** and at one stage she remarked that I had replaced the emotional release of the o***** with pain of spanking.

    We also talked about me visiting a dominatrix. I said I did not want to do that. It was only pain inflicted by my wife that I craved. I also said that I found being asked if I had had enough was really stressful. My preference was to not even being asked. I craved her simply telling me that she was going to whip me and to give instructions without asking for any consent at that time and whip me as hard and as long as she liked.

    That process kind of cleared the way for her to give and me to receive really severe whippings and spankings.

  • So now occasionally maybe 3-5 times per year she will tell me to prepare the bedroom for whipping. This involves placing a pillow in the middle of the bed over the bedclothes on our bed and then placing plastic mattress protector over it all and attaching ropes to the 4 corners. I remove my clothes and put on a pair of satin boxers and lie face down on the bed with the pillow under my tummy. She will come in and tie my ankles and wrists pulling me tight spread eagle. Then she puts a gag in my mouth and does up the straps. This is all because I am too weak to endure the pain without chickening out. The gag is so I can scream at full volume without disturbing her. She does not like to hear me scream or to see the damage she does. She will use several implements. Paddle, cane, belt and electrical cable for example. She will whip across my bottom. Usually finishing with the electrical flex where she will whip one upper leg at a time and have the end flick between my legs and into my crotch. It is insanely painful. The reason for the plastic is that sometimes I wet myself. Then she will leave me there tied. Usually I end up being quite spaced out and tired and so after she unties me, I will go to bed to sleep. She will come to bed and snuggle up to me.

  • My wife spanks me whenever I step out of line. She prefers a wooden paddle and has be go over her knees. I never know how long the spanking will last - some are much longer than others. I get corner time afterwards and it is humiliating but does improve my behavior.

  • I spank my husband if he does not conform to my wishes. He is required to strip completely and remain dressed. Over my lap he goes, a paddle in one hand and his full testicles in the other hand. He agrees to anything and begs for relief. I love the control.
    I have delivered this punishment with other ladies present to increase the affect.

  • With other ladies present!?!? Wow! I've always thought if my wife did that to me with her friends watching, or my female friends. How embarrassing!

  • Lol. I spank my husband, insist he be nude. Over my lap I paddle him to tears. Then he stands in the corner for one hour wearing pink panties. Ladies, try this!

  • How humiliating! My wife has not done this yet but oh wow I would die of embarrassment of having to wear pink panties like that.

  • Just so readers know, holes drilled in the paddle reduce wind resistance so that the swing is significantly faster and therefore hits substantially harder. This design produces a very serious wallop. If you’re looking for a sweltering, burning sting that for hours feels like your ass is whacked with that thing every time your heart beats, this is definitely the paddle to have.

  • Thank you for this. I spank my husband &I even make him stand in the corner. It keeps him in his place. He needs this & loves the control. We have done this for over 20 years.

  • Oh wow. It is absolutely humiliating, and it's embarrassing to admit but it does keep me in line. To be disciplined like this is hard, but it does help.

  • She has spanked me a number of times now a month, all over the bed in my underwear. Being someone who is in charge with work and such, it's absolutely humiliating to submit myself for punishment like this. When she spanks my butt and b**** and laughs all the while, I am totally helpless. She keeps the paddle out too, I dread if another family member would see it one day.

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