I touch my best friend

My best friend and I have been best friends since we were three, We have lived together for 3 years and go out all the time, If neither of us brings a guy home we often end up passing out together while we lay in bed and talk, She is quite vocal about the fact that she is straight and will never be with another girl so I pretend I would never either but...
She is a heavy sleeper when she drinks and I always snuggle up to her whether spooning or face to face, I cant stop myself and I always touch her, She has really big b**** and I lay behind her and squeeze them, if we are face to face I shuffle down and pull her top up or down and suck them, I finger her and suck my fingers, I want to lick her but haven't had the guts.
Often she wakes up with me wrapped around her holding her big b**** and she never seems to care and just laughs calling me a closet lesbian, I laugh and tell her its just because I am a snuggler but really its because I cant keep my hands off her, I often put her knee between my legs and rub back and forth on it until I get off and I lay face to face and kiss her lips, I pull her top up sometimes and lay there rubbing myself while sucking her nipples.
I want her sooooo bad.

Mar 12, 2017

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  • F*** her ,go for it

  • She knows but won't admit it, enjoys your gropping

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