Who likes kickin' b****

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  • I feel like the world is more then my oyster its a goldmine, diamond mine and pearl paradise and castles upon castles, palaces on palaces. 40 million ways to be blessed in life! starts with enjoying a sunsets as I did as a kid and just dreaming on a future dream everything sunset, and make a wish as a child/teen works for me still! a smile, a pets touch, a warm hearted glance, a breathe and heartbeat and great physical workout at the gymnasium.

  • Why would you like it? So painful!

  • I'm whats known as a sumbissive guy. My wife is in charge. To the outsiders, I know they would see our relationship is weird. But in an equally weird way I feel secure and loved.

    Anyway, when I displease my wife she punishes me. Sometimes I am required to submit just to demonstrate my love through sacrifice. Different ways like being whipped or standing with my nose to the wall. One way is kicking me in my b****. I have to stand with my legs apart and my hands on my head. She will stand in front and do an almighty kick. I double over in absolute agony. Sometimes, very rarely, she will do it a second time. Occasionally when we are out together in public and she feels like it, she will take me aside say into an alley or hallway or beside the car in the car park and do it.

    As I alluded to, it's weird I know but also it's a close secret bond we share.

  • I think that is so fantastic your wife is a true sister, I would really love to be able to kick a man in the nuts at my whim, have him stand naked hands on head legs wide blindfolded while I walked around him till I felt like dropping one right in there

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