My cousin spanked me when we were 13

I let my pretty petite cousin spank me with a switch multiple times when we were teens. She knew all my "sins" and threatened to tell my mother if I didn't let her. My mother was a sadistic,religious psycho and did a lot more damage than my cousin could. It hurt my bare bottom and I cried but not a bad as mom would have done to me. My cousin was embarrassed when I reminded her of this the other day. Even though that was 27-28 years ago

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  • Kids do funny things. I let my older sister spank me. I did something to her and rather than have her tell mom (who spanked really hard) I let sis do it herself. It was hard but somehow not as bad. For us that was 40 years ago and she still teases me about it a little. It's all in fun though.

  • Good for you

  • Like to spanked

  • Strange parents weird arnt they. My mother liked me to wear short shorts. In the 1970's guys shorts were short but my mother made an art form out of it. Shorts had to be short and tight. She used to get the junk mail catalogs and flick through them and find outfits that she liked. Shorts and shirt. Then we would go to the mall and go buy that exact outfit. With the shorts she would make me try on smaller and smaller pairs until they were tight. Then she'd pat me on the bum and make some comment about how men have such great bodies.

    Recently I was at a cousins house and we were going through photograph albums from when we were kids and there was one of those photos with all the kids in a line from tallest to shortest. There I was in these really short shorts and a tank top. My cousin remarked that my mom put me out there in those short shorts. She went on to say we all felt embarassed for you especially as you got older. So they knew it was my mom. I felt really cold. I'd always tried to keep my mothers weirdness secret and when people remarked I'd tell them I liked to look fit or strong or sporty.

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