Caught my sister in law

My wife and I went to pick up her sister to give her a ride to the airport, We showed up an hour earlier than we were supposed to because I was going to drop my wife off and do some running around before taking her to the airport.
My wife rang the doorbell and it took a minute but her sister answered the door breathing heavy and wearing just a housecoat, She looked at us and said "Oh...You're early...come in", Only reason I even went to the door was to use the bathroom before leaving.
I went down the hall past her room and looked in as I passed, Her ipad and her d**** were laying on the bed HAHA, Pretty sure I know what she was doing before her flight.



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  • Why are you even telling us this? Are you so immature that you think no one masterbates? Or are you getting some s** thrill out of telling the world? You're supposed to be an adult, start acting like one.

  • Why don't you shut the f uck up you miserable ass hole. If he wants to tell us about his hot sister in law, it's no f uckin business of yours​. Butt out you s**** faced c unt!

  • As if you have any control, over what people state on here!!!

  • Lets all try to use our heads.
    She is my wifes sister and why would i put myself through the torture of even entertaining the idea that i would ever get the chance or take the opportunity if it was ever presented to have s** with her.

  • You want a analyze this? Fine.
    To the OP: The fact of the matter is, you enjoyed it, you may even fantasize about f****** her. If you didn't, you wouldn't have came on here to air what happened and relive it. You were sexually excited from catching your sil masterbating.
    Now, are you ever going to get the chance to f*** her? Probably not. Either she won't, you won't, or both. Does it change anything if you don't? No not really. You'll still have your 15 mintues of sexual thought to Hold you over until your next unexpected sexual experience.
    So the real deal is you came on a s** confession Web site to relive something that was sexually unexpected. Then when people make jokes with dumb comments like you should have f***** her, then you get offended.
    I don't know if you are the OP or not, but like the old saying goes people. If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  • Why you let that girl suffer through with a d****? You should be f****** her so she don't have to play alone.

  • Die please

  • Lol, what's the matter, you butt hurt!
    If you're that easily offended, then maybe you shouldn't read this site.

  • Just because she pleasures herself, doesn't mean she needs to be f***** by a man!

    I f*** my man regularly and we both engage in self satisfaction sometimes. Sometimes alone or together, we love it! Does that mean we're deprived of s** and need a f***! No it doesn't!

    Maybe, the woman prefers to m********* instead of engaging in s** with anyone in general, that includes men and/or women.

  • I swear some o' you people must be strung out on the meth or something. Odds are most likely that a dud[e] like you will never be in that situation to have to realize that a married man doesn't have the liberty of just copulating with anyone available on a whim. There are simply too many variables for you to comprehend jack. It's not as easy as it is for you where your right hand never says no.

  • How did you know my name was jack? Did we f*** last night? I bet we did. You sucked my d*** like a pro. Took that 10 inch f***** all the way down to my b****. Damn you were good! I'll come back tonight so you can suck it again ;)

  • That would have gone into my spank bank permanently. I j******* to my sister in laws alot, But I have never caught one of them in a situation like that!

  • You're a pig creature

  • Good for you

  • I would have picked up her d**** and have a taste...mmmmm , is it wrong??

  • You shouldnt have been born

  • Idiot

  • 24, 5'9", 130 ish lbs, C-cups and a beautiful girl, Nope no dog you idiot.
    No boyfriend, Not flaunting anything, She was caught off guard because we showed up early, Man you are all a bunch of loser dickheads on here.

  • Yet you posted it

  • I agree

  • If you got it why not flaunt it. if you got the dil do why not flaunt it.

  • Personally, I have manhood I adore flaunting & watching women look at in awe. The truth is, many indeed have Penis envy. Covertly, they really are confused at how a man can actually trigger & deliver such amazing emotional satisfaction & joy from his sexual organ inside of them. 's indeed why Men rule.

  • The truth is most women dont give a s*** about penises. men like you are so stupid you must concentrate on your p**** day and night and day and night. i hope a new hitler is born just to kill off people like you

  • Just because you're a lesbian who doesn't like men doesn't mean we all are. Me and all of my friends like men, so stop lumping all women in with your hatred.

  • Some women are lesbians and don't want to be f***** by men. Try to remember that, some people don't want and crave a d*** inside them!

  • Some women have sticks up their ass instead.

  • Some men have sticks up their a**** as well!

  • How old is she? fat and ugly and rejected and 45 ahahaha!

  • She is probably ugly like you

  • You're a dumbass!

  • What if she has the dog and ipad on the bed? having s** with animals is gross. seriously sicko stuff. but, what if she was having an affair and had to send her boyfriend out the back door and hide from you both? or if she has an illness like asthma or if her d**** was just for show for you as a flirtation "come hither" suggestion deliberately to get you hooked in?

  • It was a s** toy, not a dog!! Why did you assume that?!

  • Because of the mental retardation

  • Possibly lol

  • HAHA, Sick?, Get her help? why?, Because she masturbates?

  • Vomit. gross. yuk . I don't understand s** with woofey wolves. gives dances with wolfes a new meaning.

  • We know you raped that poor female dog.

  • Who mentioned f****** dogs, besides yourself!!? This confession isn't about someone f****** animals!

  • That is sick stuff. you should have a talk to her and get her help then.

  • Why? Because she likes masterbating and using silicone/plastic phallus s** toys? She didn't f*** an animal!! Re-read the confession

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