My Ex

My ex confessed to me that she thought the idea of two guys having intercourse was seroiusly hot. She kept talking to me about that scenario and, although I was 'straight', I would go with a guy if it got her off.
Before I met her she used to have a 'Booty call', well it turns out that he was bi. So she contacted him.
A few days later when we were fooling around, she started talking about how she'd like to see me and her Booty call together, so I said ok, let's do it. She was texting him to come round within seconds. 7 mins later I was opening the front door to my girlfriends (ex!!) Booty call.
He came in, kissed me and went straight through to the bedroom!! I followed and my girlfriend was sooo excited and I sooo wanted to make her happy that without being asked I went down on her 'friend' and started sucking and linking her Booty calls manhood.
The girlfriend, I could sense was getting very wet, as the look on her face was very sensual. I was scared and nervous and totally loving what I was doing to this guy who used to sleep with my girlfriend.
We didn't make out like she wanted to, mainly cos I sucked him to completion lol. And there wasn't any more encounters with her Booty call (unfortunately). But she did start to buy me panties and she did enjoy using her double ended toy on me...on more than one occasion. So, I reckon had we still been together I would certainly have ended up as her sissy cuckold

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  • He is finally gone! I don't really have one however. I never and still don't even call him that. a rapist is not an ex. they are just a user rapist.

  • Pitiful. Quit now.

  • I think most women are turned off by this.

  • Good that you didn't continue.

  • Why good? Don't be judgemental.

  • I have similar fantasies about guys doing each other, and watching. I get off on the thought of guys fking and kissing, and watch gay p*** if the occasion arises. Yeah, i'm a straight woman, but i can't help that i'm into it. I've been this way since my sister introduced me to 'yaoi' when i was 14 years old. Basically like guy x guy hentai, in case you don't know what it is. I'm not bothered by my fantasies or preference to gay p***. In fact, people have told me its common with women.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  • I'm the same

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