Being sat on

I love being sat on by women. My favourite is when they sit on my chest and pin my wrists and squeeze my head with their thighs. I particularly like not being able to escape



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  • Being sat on by a woman is one of the things I enjoy most in life. It still is. When I was married my wife would sit on me as a prelude to our intimate relations. It would turn me on and she knew it. She would sit on my stomach and bounce heavily and I would get as stiff as a flag pole. Things would proceed from there to our mutual satisfaction. But alas, after 17 tears, we divorced. I missed female companionship so I started getting therapeutic massages from women. Nothing wrong with that. I became acquainted with a cute girl named Annie and started seeing her once a week. She was very friendly and I got to know her well. One day she was giving me a massage and I started to roll over. I wanted to ask her a question. I asked her if she would sit on me. She looked startled and said what?. I repeated my request. No s** I added. Annie thought about it for a moment. You a good customer. I do. She climbed up on the massage table as I made myself comfortable and sat down on my chest. Annie was a small Asian girl of about 120 pounds and it felt so good. She was very cute and smiled down at me as I looked up at her framed in the dim overhead lights. You like? Indeed I did I gave her a good tip. I continued to see her many times after that and she sat on me every time. I once scheduled a 90 minute session where she sat on me the whole time on my chest and stomach. Eventually she moved to another city but she did help me out of my depression. I met another girl who sits on me on a regular basis.

  • When I was about ten years old an adult woman sat on my chest. That was sixty years ago and I still enjoy it on a regular basis. And no it didn't hurt and still doesn't- I can support quite a lot of weight. When I was in high school I had four women sit on me at the same was awesome! I usually have them sit on my chest or stomach with their legs on either side. It is really enjoyable feeling a woman's weight pressing down on top of me.

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