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I feel a little embarrassed confessing this. I have been married many years and I know I would not cheat on my wife but I do have a regret in life. I did not date very much and did not have many s** encounters. I am a black male and have had many fantasies about white women. One of them stands out. I want to have my face buried between the thighs of a hot white woman. I want to feel their silky p**** hair on my lips and face. I would take my time with her. If her c*** was shaved I would slurp and suck that bald p**** like it was my last meal. Then when I felt her c****** I would slip my hands to the outside of her luscious white thighs and pull them tight against my face as I feast on her c***. I would love a white woman to sit on my face and c** til she was exhausted. Just use me as a masturbation toy.

Nov 6, 2019

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  • Id like to watch you with a white woman then clean your c** from her p****. Id suck your c*** clean also

  • The scenario you have drawn makes me h****. Being a single white mother in my mid-40s, wish I could meet you. However, you may find quite a few women in my position sitting alone in park benches or malls. Get friendly with them and I am sure you will come by what you wish....

  • Thanks. That post was an honest one. I am too committed to my wife and I love her. I also feel it's odd that I would have such a fantasy. I guess I always wonder what it would feel like to hold a white woman close. I would smell her hair and caress her soft white skin. I know I would treat her lovingly. If I wasn't married I think meeting you would be nice. I hope you are happy. In my marriage, I am. I do have a friend who is white and when I visit and we hug I gently, without her knowing it feel and smell her silky hair. She is nice. Thanks for reading my post.

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