Anyone else loving their new COVID weight?

What can I say? 3 months of sitting on my ** has changed me in more ways than one. I used to be a fairly fit guy (26yo, about 6ft and 180lbs) -- I would put on a few pounds over the holidays each year, but always lost them come spring. Not this time -- not only did I not lose any, I packed on a lot more. And honestly, I'm secretly loving it.

There's something freeing about spending months alone, no one to judge you, no constant pressure to look good. I tried to keep my workout routine at first, but as the lockdown dragged on I just gave up and decided to enjoy it while I could. I can always crash diet later down the line.

I don't have a scale at home, but based on how I'm looking, I'd say I've put on maybe 30 lbs. At first I was just getting thicker all round (chest, arms, thighs etc), but recently it's definitely been going more to my gut and **. My jeans still button (although I have chubby love handles now), but my work pants don't fit AT ALL. So if we get called back to the office I'll have to order new ones. I gotta say... it felt good when I realized I could no longer button them, like a weird sense of achievement as if I'd be subconsciously working towards it.

I wear sweats and oversized tshirts 24/7, and just pig out all day. It's great, I feel like a teenager again, munching chips and cookies whenever I want, ordering takeaways and drinking beer with dinner. Last night I demolished a whole tub of ice cream while watching tv. I didn't even notice until I finished it.

There are a couple of downsides though. I hate my double chin -- my parents actually commented on it on a skype call a while back and I felt pretty embarrassed. I also noticed a few stretch marks on my inner thighs and just along the sides of my love handles (if anyone has advice on getting rid / preventing them pls let me know!). Apart from that, I'm enjoying the new pudge for now.

Anyone else the same? If so do you plan to lose it soon? I'm undecided what to do.

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  • Yeah, I've put on 10 pounds and I'm 5'11", 120 now. My wife has been packing on the pounds for years, I don't mind, I love her curves, plump cheeks, full **, and round tummy. Our still living at home daughter is 24 and she's getting more voluptuous too! Love seeing her big ** sway. Quarantine is ** us all!

  • I'm loving my new Covid weight, but I weigh LESS now than before lockdown. My shorts are falling off of my hips. Sorry to hear you people can't be healthy and productive during trying times... oh well =)

  • Glad to her you have time to brag rather than be "productive" =) oh well

  • Healthy AND productive, sweetie. Looks like some of your new weight has gone to the spelling and comprehension centers in your brain-- unless you were kinda dumb to start with. Don't stroke out, now... =)

  • I have been lousing weight some how I don't work out I just been running around my house a lot I guess It confuses me a lot

  • I agree with you 100 per cent . I have put on a little extra weight from eating more chocolate , having an extra slice of cake etc but I know that the extra weight will go once things get back to normal , or whatever normal will be in the future . I am sorry that so many people around the world have died from this virus . Let this virus be the start of a better way of living for everyone .

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