A Waste of My Time.

I'm smart.
I'm hot.
I'm successful.
I'm athletic.

you're scrawny
you're nerdy
you're younger

I was good to you:
I made you meals.
I was nice to your friends and family.
I made an effort to get to know the things that you were interested in.
I gave you random thoughtful gifts.
I listened attentively to your hopes and dreams and tried to help you accomplish them.

I discovered that:
you argue for the sake of arguing even if you have no clue what you're talking about
you can't go through two sentences without saying, "you know?"
you can't calculate the tip without counting on your fingers
you like to kiss in public
you have a bad fashion sense
you're not as successful as you could be because you're lazy

And now you've ended things with me.

You said you just didn't feel that spark anymore
You said that maybe it was because we hadn't seen eachother in two weeks
You said that you felt that you weren't making an effort - that you just weren't into it

Just so you know:
People used to comment about how lucky you were to be dating me.
Your roommate confessed his love for me.
A few of your other friends asked me out on dates even though they knew I was seeing you.

You weren't even my boyfriend - we were casualy dating but I said to them that they needed to be better friends to you.
I told them off for being disrespectful and that you deserved more than that.

A few things:
You weren't good in bed
You have no rhythm
The maximum time you lasted in bed was 5 minutes
Have you ever heard of the c*******?
Obviously not because I never reached o***** with you
When you used to go wash up after s**, I'd m********* to get some sort of tiny pleasure out of the night

Just so you know:
I broke my rules for you... I was going to stay single until I was able to get over him.
I still love him, not you.
I told you it was over with him but it wasn't
At no point could you compare.
He still holds the key to my heart.

Maybe thats why you didn't feel the spark anymore.

He's a genius.
He's sexy.
He's athletic.
He is successful.
He makes me want to be a better person.
He challenges me.

When I couldn't sleep I used to write to him while you were in bed next to me.

When you woke me up and told me I was smiling it was because I was dreaming about him.

As much as I am disappointed that you ended things - I'm not that upset. I'm happy to be able to no longer have to hide my love for him.

I slept with him twice while you and I were seeing each other.
I can't count the number of o******.
I think he and I had more s** in one night than you and I had the whole time were were dating.

you were lucky to have had two minutes of my time.
you wasted it.

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  • I couldn't stand to hump you for more than five , the smell of you stank made me run to the shower and was the stink off. what the h*** was wrong with you anyway? did you wipe your ass into the hole? For years i put up with it untill i said enough is enough.

  • I knew you were faking climax , i just didnt care. i was just trying to nut.

  • I feel like there should be music to play along to this... I dig it.

  • Your insecure. I can say, if that spark is gone and he doesn't want to be with you, he probably cares less about who you've slept with and how many times. If you vent because you miss him and he saw what you wrote. There wouldn't be a chance in h*** any sane guy would be with you again, even if there was an opportunity for a second chance. I'd say, he's better off without you.

  • I loved this!!! You go girl, haha!!

  • This post was a waste of my time.

  • wow, you seem like you're so over him and not at all insecure about the whole thing.

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