I think I like this guy...

There is this guy that I'm close to and he is really cute. We are always flirting both over text and in real life. Once when he asked who the hottest guy in school was and I said him. He texted back "omg s*** u gave me a b****". And I said "well go take care of it, I'll ttyl ;) ". I really like him but I think he likes this other girl. :(

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  • I'm assuming you're a teenager and still at in Secondary School, correct me if I'm inaccurate. Nice confession. It's a lovely feeling when you're still developing from a child into adulthood, experiencing new emotions and so forth.

    Disregard the comments about, "F****** this friend and giving him a BJ" these comments are probably from, disgusting and perverted people.

  • Yeah we're in secondary

  • Just f*** him

  • How old are y'all?

  • Why didn't you suck his b****?

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