Didn't Move My Hand

My best friend and I both have families with kids and sometimes we go to the local amusement park together and let the kids go on rides while we drink. It's always a good time. Me and my wife take turns taking my young kid on rides because usually rides only have 2 seats. So on one ride later on in the night it was my turn to take my kid and my friends wife was taking their kids on the ride. She happened to be wearing black yoga pants.

We waited together in line chit chatting and when we thought it was our turn to go all went forward but the operator closed the gate to make us wait. This resulted in her moving backwards into the low hand rail that is used to separate the lines and give you something to lean on as you wait. My hand happened to be resting on the bar and her small round ass pushed against it. Instinctually i began to move my hand away but I'd been drinking and realized maybe I should let her make the move away. So I kept my hand in place.

She had to if felt my hand start to move because it was squished. But she didn't move!! In fact She pushed back on purpose. There was room for her to move but she decided to remain with her tight butt pressing on my hand. Our view was blocked by high hedges so that my wife and her husband couldn't see. For a few glorious moments I enjoyed how soft her cheeks were against my hand.

Time to time I'd check out her pert ass, nothing devious of course--she's my best friends wife, but I'm a guy and I do it automatically. So to finally enjoy the touch of what is admired over the years was awesome. Neither of us spoke during this encounter which lasted 2 minutes. Right when I thought she was going to move away she slid her ass side to side over my hand and placed her hand on my forearm as she finally moved away to get on the ride. And to this day it's as if nothing happened. Life can be great.

Mar 30, 2017

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  • I would have at least wiggled my fingers a little to make sure she knows you were there

  • No greater treat than free feels. Enjoy every last second of it

  • Dude, why are you not f****** her? She so wants you. Text her a picture of your c*** and then play it off like it was an accident. Tell her you intended to send it to your wife. Be all apologetic and s***. Then see what she says.

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