Living Statue

It was after work when in the subway station, a middle aged woman was naked. Beside her was a table full of random stuff, and a sign saying she is going to hold this position for 6 hours, and anyone can do anything, as long as she didnt move. It was a art statement, meant to show the cruelty in humans. Sure enough, there was a group of 16-18ish boys, they were egged on by some other guys in the crowd as they groped her, inserted objects up her v*****, using the rose thorns to puncture her flesh, then everyone walking around just tried to ignore it. They even dared to slap her. Multiple times too, leaving red hand prints. At one point, an old disturbing mad went behind her, spread her ass cheeks and literally sniffed. She was crying, but still didnt move. I decided to help and get them away but she quietly said no. I understood what it meant for her, and I am so proud. I dropped a $50 in her jar and shook her hand.

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  • Cruelty and schadenfreude [pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune] are inherent human characteristics, but so is the capability to love.

  • This brought a tear to my eye. Bless that poor woman. Those sick teenagers.

  • People don't need to experiment with humanity to discover intent - 60% of people nowadays are morally corrupt thanks to this last epic fail of an overpopulated generation!

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