I was THE whole day in My room bewuz My step dad came And i dont Like HIM.
So When i My mother Saïd u NEED to sleep i was Like okay :-:
I couln't sleep😞
I wanted te keep My mom save...
When i heard strange things i hot uncomfortable.. So i went slowly downstairs... I listened quit...
I opened THE door And i saw them lying on eachother
I beginned yo cry And runned upstairs...
When My mom came.. She was a little mad And Saïd we where only kissing...
I was Like dont lie to me 😭
When i was a little sleepy
I heard then Go upstairs
17 mins later... I heard then having s**.... I cried... And runned to My moms room And screamed STOP.. IM HERE ALSO... 😭
Than IT was quit...

I hate this😭😭
Sometimes i just wanna die..

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  • First, Learn some English or use Google translater. Second, grow the f*** up. People have s**, that's how you got here. And s** must not bother you too much, because if it did, you wouldn't be reading and posting to this website.

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