Will to live.

I'm loosing my will to live. The only things that I truly enjoy is smoking marijuana, and sitting under the sun. Everything else disgusts me.

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  • Don't smoke marijuana.
    I promise it will NOT help.

    Only a few things will help and only one is forever. Find good, God-like friends, ditch the old and NO you are not being a bad friend. You need to fix your life. I know it sounds harsh but if u dont fix your life first, you will make it worse for everyone.

    Go to church, dont smoke, read good books, dont swear, only watch good stuff on tv, dont browse the internet on p*** and bad stuff.

    Above all, read the bible all the way through and pray for yourself to let it influence you.

  • I mean daPORN

  • Ignore the da

  • I would recommend a hobby or group but not a cult you know try baseball or get active in your community help people find religion that stuff join the Marines thing like that

  • Good idea but it wont work try that suggestion it will work the newest one with God and the bible

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