I'm On My Boyfriend Confession Post ??

My boyfriend is black of course and I'm a 5"0 Latina, with perky b**bs. I recently just got them pierced and currently refuses to wear a bra in public. My bf thinks at the sexiest thing knowing guys look at my b**bs and get ha*rd. to the point where there no longer focused on there wife but instead in my perky pierced b**bs !
accepting comments. & pics in email.

Apr 4, 2017

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  • My wife got tramp stamp tattoo as her birthday gift from her boyfriend with his name in the middle, I love it.

  • My wife's boyfriend is arranging her nipples and p**** piercing, I can imagine how hot she will look in bed for him.

  • Can I see

  • Dude, this guy has made a hobby of writing fake confessions. None of this is real.

  • Even in our "gender 'fluid'" times, "KanoThePRINCE" is not a handle a Latina chick would use. OP is not even trying to hide it. But the losers in this place don't practice that level of critical thinking and discernment, as you can see from the idiotic horndog replies here and elsewhere!

  • How ? I don't have any of your contact info ?

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