Gf sis

So, I was speaking to my girlfriends sister we are really close about getting my nipple pierced and she said she would come with me. But I decided not to get it done but said if you want a piercing I'll pay for it.

Anyways she wanted her nipple pierced and I was in the room during it, she told me to turn away but I turned around thinking it was done and i seen her breast, and it getting pierced.

She's 20 and I've heard her having s** with her bf being quite loud, I've spoke to her about it and we tell each other what we do with both her boyfriend and my girlfriend. What we like and are very honest and open with each other.

We very much so have the same personality, so since I've heard her having s** I've looked at her different.

It's hard not to act on stuff when she walks about the house with little shorts on and just a vest top and no bra.

She has a tight skinny body, perky t**s, blonde hair and blue eyes.

Do I just see if this is just a little phase and let it past or talk to her ?

Jun 10, 2017

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  • I think you two are BFFs. You'll be doing your nails together and doing each other's hair soon. Won't be long before you two sync up together on your menstrual cycles.

  • I get what your saying but, I can't stop thinking about sleeping with her.

    To be honest I only said to her about getting my nipple pierced because I knew she would get it and I could see her t***.

    I know it will never happen but if I could get away with it I would lol

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