I was 7 and my 10 year old sister used to squeeze my nuts to get me to listen and it started turning me on. I love how she would knee me in the nuts or kick them and stand over me in her 4 inch wedges or heels.

I love seeing it when other girls do this to boys: older or younger.

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  • I loved those massaging hand jobs on mine when I was a kid, sometimes i would c**.

  • Taught my 4 yr old sis to w*** mine

  • There is another confession like this posted recently. Its ball-busting. A real section of the p********** sites.

    Do you do things to make her mad on purpose?

  • I like getting kicked to

  • I'm a sumbissive husband. When my wife is displeased with me she kicks me in the nuts. Usually it is stand with legs apart and hands on my head and she kicks as hard as she can. I will double over in pain. It's a love hate thing. I love her deeply and would do anything for her. I am embarassed about her kicking me but I would never tell anyone. I feel really owned by her.

  • My cousin pinned me on the floor and her girlfriend pulle led my pants off and put panties and stockings on me I was 12 she was 17 humiliated me and she did for a few years I enjoyed it

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