I love it when girls kick me in the nuts

I love it when a girl rams her foot into my b****, i love the idea of a chick grabbing them and dragging me to the ground by my nuts, i love being humiliated, laying on the ground clutching my nads while the stronger s** stands above me and laughs



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  • Oof

  • I'm 15 and i first kicked my brother in the b**** when i was 10 or 11. i really liked the feeling of doing that to him. a few months later i did it to my other brother too, and really liked it, even if he wanted to kill me later but mom stopped him. i have since done it to guys in school when they get me p*****. it just feels soooo good!!!! now i got this guy i started seeing and i think i love him. i wont kick him but itll be real hard not to when he p***** me off.

  • Do it jokingly lightly and barefoot. Build up to harder... he'll be begging for it!

  • Why is it so to get a girl to do this to me?

  • Oh really? im an only child so

  • Lol how many girls have you got to do this to you

  • I,be had ex-girlfriends do this and paid for this too I am now married to the woman who used to be my paid mistress whilst I was previously married. I'm 33 and my now wife is 61, she's been kicking my b**** for over 5 years and I can't get enough. She is still a mistress so when she is working her clients, her friends come round to "take care of me". I gave a lot of foot massages to look after my ladies.

  • I had an older lady do me that when I was young. I kept C****** over it for months. I don't think she ever knew I loved her for it.

  • So why don't you go to fetish dating sites! You will find someone that will do that for you.

  • I don't have a problem with it. If thats what he wants then go to a fetish site and find someone. Then he can come back here and tell us how it went. He has posted so many confessions about this. Thats why I told about the site. Good luck and may he get his B*A*L*LS turned inside out if thats what he wants.

  • Imma be honest im not that guy, granted theres no way for to believe me nor anyway for me to prove it so it is what it is, believe me or not

  • Listen if you got a problem with it then just ignore it

  • Nope. You get free speech and so do we. If you don't like snarky comments, just ignore them.

  • You know what fair enough

  • That is a different boy btw I'm the one that you told me to go to the sites I havent posted sinse then

  • You are not I'm the one who told him to go to fetish sites.

  • And you said you wanted to kick me

  • ...what??

  • Damn decent of you to say so.

  • I want to but Mom wont let me

  • Why

  • ^ not me but nice try

  • Yes it was

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