My friends house

When ever i go to my friends house i master bate in his shot milf mom or one of his hot sisters thong or bra thats in the bathroom an i put them back and now my friends sister is pregnant an she said her an her bf never had s** so i think it might be my babie meaning im a 13 year old father

Apr 16, 2017

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  • You arent a father so chill.

  • Although frightening, this situation is a good lesson for you: when it comes to s**, you can never -- NEVER -- trust what a female says about who has been f****** her. Let me say that again: NEVER. Of COURSE she's been having s**. OBVIOUSLY she's been having s**. INDISPUTABLY she's been having s**. And the likelihood is that she's been having a LOT of it. It would be incredible if she got knocked up on a one-off. She wants her parents -- and more importantly, her boyfriend -- to think this is an immaculate conception. "Me? F******? No, not me! NOT ME!! I'm not f******, and I'm for sure not f****** AROUND!" The truth will eventually come out, and it will have nothing to do with you. NOTHING. Do NOT confess your private masturbatory activities, not to anybody, and certainly not on the premise that you might be the baby's father There's not a single chance in all of H*** that you fathered that b****** child. BUT......... having said all that, please take these circumstances as a warning and as a reprieve, and STOP JACKING THE WAGON IN OTHER PEOPLE'S FIELDS. Ultimately you'll be caught, and you won't be able to handle the humiliation. Stop it. Just STOP IT. Do it now. Two lessons for the price of one. Well . . . for the price of none.

  • Well if it's not her boyfriends than it is someone else's. You cannot get pregnant from someone j********** in your panties.

  • ^This^ is true. S**** dries pretty quickly, and once it's dry, all the sperm die instantaneously. Rough estimate? After ten minutes of being outside the human body, all the sperm are dead. Not more than 20 minutes under any circumstances. I think you're in the clear. :) Live your life. F*** regularly.

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