Birthday Humiliation

Why do women find it so funny and amusing when they see a guy stripped naked in public? A few weeks ago I celebrated my 30th birthday by attending a party held at our local football club. There was about 180 people there with a DJ etc, and I went with my girlfriend, who also invited a group of her friends to come along. My girlfriend Kate looked gorgeous, dressed in a red lace cropped top, black skin tight wet-look leggings and red high heels, she has a great figure and I love her to bits! The evening was going great until about 10pm when my mates asked me to help them move something in the corridor outside the disco room/bar area, once out there I was grabbed, stripped and put into a pink mankini costume that was so tiny it didn't even cover my bits properly. I was then marched back inside the disco/bar area. Obviously everyone started laughing at seeing me in nothing but this piece of string width lycra, socks and shoes, I looked ridiculous. My girlfriend and her friends were amused at first, but when Kate realised I wasn't getting my clothes back any time soon, she tried to reassure me that it was just a joke and try not to worry, but that didn't seem to stop her friends laughing and making fun at me constantly, nor did I get much sympathy from Kate when she was stood there with a few of my mates laughing with them at my misfortune! If that wasn't bad enough, as I stood up to go to the bar, a few of the lads grabbed my costume from the back, pulled it tight and started giving me a wedgy again and again so I was literately standing on my tip toes, I shouted at them to stop, yet the girls were wetting themselves laughing. I shouted again that the costume was hurting my crotch, so the guys (who were now very drunk) said "then lets lose the costume if it hurts you" and pulled it clean off me! I couldn't even cover my bits as the guys had my hands held tight by my sides. The humiliation of standing there naked as these group of girls were wetting themselves laughing was horrendous! I even saw Kate standing there watching and sniggering, trying to cover her laughter with her hand over her mouth. My so called mate then gave my costume to Kate, with me still being held and said that she and her friends can decide whether I get it back. Her friends were screaming at Kate to throw it into the ceiling over the strip lights there that were off. I couldn't believe she was actually asking her friends what she should do, I was shouting at her to give it me back and her friends were actually encouraging her to throw it into the ceiling lights, then one of them shouted to Kate telling her to make me beg for it on my hands and knees, Kate even then asked me if I wanted to beg for it back! Kate eventually saw sense and gave it back to me so I could put it back on and gain a moderate amount of dignity. I never got my clothes back until we left at 1am. But why do girls get so much pleasure seeing a guy humiliated in this naked way?

Apr 17, 2017

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  • I'm a woman and I don't find degrading anyone, is funny and satisfying. If it was men degrading a woman, individuals wouldn't have reacted the same way - it would be sexual violation. But because it was a man, It's deemed differently - which is wrong and unequal on so many levels!

    What happened to you was wrong and if your friends thought it wasn't, are they really the sort of people you want in your life?

  • You deserved everything you c***

  • I never heard of a bunch of more sorry ass p***** in my life. For f*** sake, do you all enjoy being humiliated or are you all just a bunch of f****** nerds? I'm with the commenter who said you got to own that s***. I'd be cramming my c*** down all them b****** throwts. And that would be after I knocked them dudes the f*** out.

  • So lucky to be the centre of attention. I was always the kid on his own at the side.

  • I guess it depends on how big your c*** is. I remember when I was in high school we used to go up behind others in gym class and pull down their shorts. It happened to me one day but I just kicked my shorts and underpants up in the air and ran around naked shaking my c*** at everyone. You got to own that s*** when it happens and make everyone around you the embarrassed ones. I was looking for a reason to show all the girl my well endowed c***, and that was the perfect opportunity. I had more than one of those girls ask me out after that day. Of course I also got suspension for running around naked, so that also helped out on the cool factor.

  • Unfortunately it was a bit cold in the place and my p**** was a bit shrivelled up and looked tiny when they stripped my costume off me, my girlfriend said that was one of the main things that made her and all her friends laugh, plus seeing me bouncing up and down being given a wedgy in the costume by these 3 big guys. I think thats why I was so humiliated, not just that I was exposed in front of everyone or that my girlfriend was taunting me in front of everyone while I was being held by the guys, but the fact that it was just one of those unfortunate occasions that your p**** just goes all small as its cold, and it didn't help seeing my girlfriend looking so hot in her skin tight wet-look leggings, squeezed in close and tight on the seating in between 2 of my mates laughing with them, who both fancy her like mad and knowing that she actually does like one of them a lot! I was jealous too! I just wish my p**** was as big as yours, then I could have owned the situation and been all cocky about it, but all I could do was feel embarrassed.. I hated it!

  • Hahaha... that's so funny. You're lucky your g/f was so nice to you, if I was your g/f I would have binned the costume and left you naked and got your mates to shave your pubic hair off while al us girls watched... I always find it so funny seeing guys exposed and squirming with embarrassment lol I bet you looked uber pathethic hahaha

  • I wish you were my girlfriend, you sound like fun. maybe you and your girl friends would tie me naked to the bed and tickle me for hours on end.

  • Wow... think i'm glad we don't go out together!

  • You are so lucky to have friends. I would trade places in an instant. Being alone is far far worse

  • I have seen a similar thing at a rugby club party, but that was a guy on a stag night, plus it was 80% guys there! What happened to you was shocking! As for your girlfriend, to actually stand there in her slutty attire with those idiots you call mates and laugh at you like that, what a B*T*H! I'm afraid to tell you that she is worse than your mates for egging them on like that with her sadistic approval of seeing you degraded, humiliated and stripped of all your dignity in front of her and everyone there. You seriously need to dump her, she's probably sleeping around behind your back too!

  • Well my girlfriend did apologise to me the next day, she said that it was just genuinely funny because the guys made me keep my socks and shoes on and when she saw me in that tiny costume, it just made her laugh. She also thought it was funny seeing me bouncing up and down on my tip toes as I was being given a wedgy, and that when they took my costume off she said a couple of the guys told her my p**** must be cold as it looked quite small and shrivelled and they were so glad it wasn't them as that can happen, so that made her laugh. She said she didn't mean to come across cruel or anything.

  • Those are no friends and your girlfriend is a stupid ass. You should dump them all and get away from those a*******.

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