Can't Anymore

I miss you. I know, it doesnt really matter though. I can miss you until the day I die and even then. It won't matter. You have more important things to see to. Then to bother with a wasteful person like me. I thought I was doing all right. I thought the friends I have now where good enough. There not. There nothing like you. I can't be myself. But I guess thats okay. Because being myself is what turned you away. I've spent a lot of nights thinking. A lot of days healing, but even the remote reminder of you? Ill lose myself. I've asked all around. Everyone says your all right. Doing good. Thats the main reason I haven't bothered you. I'm not going to intrude onto your life, and I'm not going to revoke any of your happiness. If you wanted this, you would have to seek it in your own time. I dint care to know why anymore, I'm not hurt. Im not offended by the words you spit at me in anger. There are a thousand other words you told me that almost counter acts them. This probably doesn't seem like I've moved on. But I've come a far way. I'm proud of that. It means cablable of finding my other half again, this time a more soild counterpart. If there's one thing you taught me, it's never give someone your everything.

Because it's hard to get back

Next Confession

Little do you know

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  • Confession: I read this and pretended it was my ex-best friend who posted this. I know I'm just forgotten and nothing but hey... a girl can dream.

  • Awwwwwwwwwwww. I'm sorry you are left to miss someone like that. Your point about giving someone your everything..... wow. That's deep.

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