Found b/f site !!

Searching through b/f I -pad and found this site and I see he's been on and left a confession. Why doesn't G/F have s** more with him !! Hahahah well that's because I've caught you twice in my panties and bras at my house which you said was for a joke and always c** stains in my knickers when you left alone in my bedroom you've only been with 1 other girl very inexperienced and while been looking on your history se you been searching black c**** hahahaha I know and you now your smallish 4.8 inches so that's why I don't want to have s** with you Christopher K you loser

Apr 20, 2017

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  • I'm Chris.
    We split up about 2 months after she posted this.
    And yes,I've only just found it😞
    I'm gutted about our break up,I really miss her,wish I could turn back the clock and not post that f****** confession.
    Watch out what you say on her guys. It could ruin you

  • What's wrong with you you come off as a controling

  • Does your G/f need a proper man

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