Wife's confession

So I work 2 jobs. The second job I've had for about 6 months. I normally have to work from 6 am till about 11 pm on Friday and Saturdays. Well, 2 weeks ago I actually had the night off on Saturday.

I text her around 5pm that I was headed home. She asked why I wasn't working. I told her I had the night off of my second job. She didn't sound enthused. I suggested dinner and a movie at home and we could actually have s**. It's been 2 months since we have had s**. That's when she hit me with it.

She said, "I didn't want to tell you like this but there is a reason why we haven't had s** as often." I said, "Oh Lord, here we go." She said, "It isn't another guy." I said, "Then what?" She said, "Mary (one of her best friends) and I have been having s** since you started your second job." I actually wasnt mad. I said, "Oh yeah? How often?" She said, "About 4 times a week." I said, "Wow. I thought you weren't into women." She said, "I said that so you wouldnt worry. Mary and I have been having s** for over a year now." I said, "Are you in love with her?" She said, "Of course I am. She is my best friend." I said, "Not what I meant." She said, "We are girlfriends. All of my friends know."

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