Big Areolas

I am really confused as to have a surgery done or not. I'm a 34 DD, and like 5' 6''-ish so, I guess my b**** are alright according to my height. But, the only thing that I have huge areolas. They are like 2.5-3''

I've slept with like 5-6 men and like 4 of them like it big. To be honest, I don't understand as to why people prefer it small. Don't men have small too? Whenever I watch p***, all the girls have small areolas and it really makes me insecure.

My FWB says he's absolutely crazy over them, and he likes them that way. But, I can't help but feel a bit self-conscious whenever we watch p*** together.

So, here's my question, should I get it done or not?

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  • Small to medium are always better

  • F*** that, you come on over and I'll suck on them big ole t******!


  • Don't do it big areolas are wonderful. I'm a bit woman and 42gg with huge nipples and areola, my girlfriends and boyfriends all love them

  • In P***, the men all have 9 inch d****. That isn't real life either. P*** isn't real. Don't worry about P***, or your areolas. As you can tell from the guys you've met, a lot of guys like them, and most of the others just don't care. Spend that money on something useful, or put it away for your retirement fund. When you're 80, you won't care what size your nipples are, but you'l be glad you saved enough money that you don't need to live on social security. Trust me, a surgery like that is just a pointless waste of money.

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