Found his search history

I've just found this site on b/f history I can't believe. What I've found on your history you are a perv, I know you w*** in my knickers when I'm out I've caught you twice in my knickers and bra and you said it was for a joke ? Well I don't find it funny also why are you looking at black c*** web sites ? And you like me to use my vibrator on you well I'm afraid it's over loser if and when you read this site I'm also texting all your mates that you have a small c*** and o lay last 30 sec hence why I have a vibrator Chris K love Amy.

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  • Your boyfriend is a disgusting homosexual cuckold. If only scum like this would be executed by the can dream I suppose.

  • Everyone has a vibrator and you sound just as pathetic as your ex bf. small t***, cant ride, cant suck well, bitchy ect

  • I'd like you to caught me in your bra and panties Amy Mark 46

  • Why are you looking at big black c*** Chris K? Amy sounds amazing, maybe I should f*** her so she doesn't have to be disappointed with your small d***.

  • Can I f*** your x g/f you loser

  • I can f*** yours too you ugly little b**** ;)

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