This is going to sound really cliche but, how do I know if a guy likes me? I've resorted to this site because I now am really paranoid. The last 2 guys I've liked have ended up going out with my friends. this first time my friend knew I liked him and still went out with him and the second didn't know. I feel like every time I like a guy he likes someone else. I'm in high school and have only ever liked 3 guys. The 3rd one I like now is what i need help with.
We don't really talk and I haven't had a proper conversation with him but I like him. He's funny and smart and he's different to other guys. I often wonder myself why I like him when I haven't even had a conversation with him. The most that's happened is that in class when I say something he'll make some kind of joke. Not to be mean but kind of like a friendly jab, where he doesn't really mean it but, yeah. Even though nothing has happened I feel like he notices me more. I've searched for signs of a guy liking you and all that and pretty much get the same answers. Maybe that's because they're the only answers. But I want to see if there's something different out there.
Oh and I can't do the whole "Just tell him you like him" thing because if he doesn't and his friends find out... Well let's just say his friends aren't the best of people, I have a past with some of them and we don't get along.
Please someone tell me something I can use.
Thank you :)

Oct 8, 2011

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  • Just show him your b****, works every time.

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