Love for GF Sister

Hey I must confess that I was always madly in love with my girlfriend of 5 years sister (call her Lisa). I used to look forward to going to their house. I don't know if she felt the same about me but she always made me feel so good when I was in her company. She is gorgeous and very sexy. Her husband is a great man and I would never cross the line. My girlfriend at the time was an alcoholic and for some personal problems I was going through I stayed with her. Bad move. I actually am ashamed of my thoughts. I'm actually ashamined of calling her a drunk in an argument. She was a good person with an addiction and feel terrible forjudging her. Faultering egos are the route of all evil.
Either way I wish them the best and hope I find a real connection someday.


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  • U suck

  • Yeah I'm not too happy with myself either.

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