Naked beer mile

So yesterday I had a quiz for my night class and me and my friend had a wager on the outcome of it since the professor gives the answers out after the quizzes are turned in. That night the cross country and track team holds their beer mile run. It's basically a race where a person runs a lap and drinks a beer, then another and drinks until they complete a mile run on the track, this is a bi yearly tradition held once a semester and only team people or those who were at one point are on the team attend since date and location are different every year. Well we were going to go and the loser would have to run it in their birthday suit. I lost by a point, a damn point! A simple mistake had me running a mile in front of about a hundred people naked. And I tell you running a mile isn't hard but running it while getting drunk that's a mission, it's hard to take the turns lol and seeing as their was so many of us we ran it in groups,I got like 9 minutes to complete it

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