Co-worker hook-ups

Every time my assistant and I go for drinks after work we wind up making out

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  • Oh boy right in the toilet you guys all go

  • That's the best you can do? That's not even second base. How about getting some sticky fingers at least. Hey let a man show you how's it done boy.

  • Did you mean stinky fingers maybe? Not sticky!

  • That's it you make out. I f*** a lady at work during the day in the supply closet. She is now pregnant with my baby and her hubby thinks it's his which is fine by me. You make out, LOL you make me laugh. Dude stop messing around and nail that putty good and hard.

  • You might as well just say lets go make out and maybe get a drink too.

  • Yeah man bang that s***!

  • LOL! Love it!

  • That is megan and hairy monster. a hook up who hooks up with other hook ups. probably all f****** each other. god i hate doria so much though. she is so ugly and what a disgusting betrayal of the royal family of uk to do to their own native persons in uk hey! all they want to do is love the niggs. I see harry living abroad in years to come and nothing would make me laugh more then to see all this current royal family get debunked and kicked out for a new one. I wonder if the mogals of the world could pull that off. who would it go to the kent lot if the queen abdocated for crimes against humanity or sins she committed? cuz they deserve to go. I just do not take to those 2 guys william and harry anymore and charles, well diana said his mother said he was useless. so maybe its time they all went for the kents. love to see that just for the media frenzy. and to see them all kicked up the batoozi as well. someone too boo-bomb them and let me watch them fall like domino for some fun. seeing they ruined my life and others. pay day has to come back !

  • You're not called Sarah Fergeson by any chance are you?

  • Who da f*** is that?

  • She is the Duchess of York a Royal you f****** moron!

  • Okay I didn't know. Like the latest one that everyone is talking about the black b**** who married harry

  • You are so lucky! I wish I had what you have! There is a man at my work that I want so bad, and I want him to want me. I hope your relationship continues and grows and grows and grows! And I hope it becomes supersexual soon!!!!!

  • If I worked with you I would have you bent over my desk or any desk plowing you baby. I hope you like big fat sausage cause that's what your gonna be getting.

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