We got to carried away

I have to get this of my chest ive been spending the last few weeks stuck at home with my 25 year old son,now the weather is nicer we been spending the evenings having a few drinks in the garden then finish the night off in the hot tub,I'm 43 got long blonde hair 5'6 and got big b**** which are still in firm and slim by working out most days,And last night we drunk to much chit chatting away he stands up in the hot tub and takes of his shorts and sits back down,i said f*** me son it looks like a microphone hanging down he laughed and said it's bigger when it's hard,I'm putting it down to the drinks for what i said to him then,I said go on then if you can his hand went under the water minute or 2 he stood back up hands on his hips looking well impressed giving me a eyeful of his 8inc k***,I only remember bits and pieces after that i do no i was sitting next to him at one point wanking him off under the water but don't no how i got to bed,when i woke up this morning he was asleep next to me im naked and i pulled the sheet covering him and he was naked with his c*** resting on his leg like a snake sleeping,we already done something and what i did next wasn't going to hurt,I pulled the covers completely of the bed got up between his legs and started teasing his c*** popping in and out of my mouth getting him hard, twirling my tounge around his helmet then gobbling down, didn't take him long to woke up,was no stopping me he couldn't get the word stop out kept stuttering each time he tried because of me sucking him off,he only wanted me to stop so he could stand up and have that control,oh and i did find a c** filled condom in the bin.

May 2, 2020

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  • This is awesome

  • Will have to put another one up for you then.

  • This is not good

  • Once started it should continue as long as you two enjoy. There is nothing wrong in s** between consenting adults and in your case, a young c*** is always desirable. Mom-son s** is the most safest one within the privacy of home.

  • WOW that’s hot. Next time don’t drink so much you can remember ever detail. Also let him f*** you without protection so he can fill your p*** with his c***. Then wright and tell us about it. ;)

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