I want him but I'm pretty sure he doesn't want me

I want to f*** this kid so bad. I'm like 17 and I've never done anything but something about this boy, the first time i actually thought about him that way i was determined to f*** him. so we hung out all the time in the summer except I'm kinda shy but like I'm kind of an emotional drunk and one night i was like crying in the bedroom and he came in and he was so sweet! he started like hugging me around my waste from the back and from that exact moment i sooooo wanted to f***. but the thing is like i said I've never done s***, so i don't have a clue how to flirt or anything, but like I've never felt this way (so lusty about a boy) anyway, so the whole summer pretty much went like this, me inviting him over with me and my friends while I'm drunk and him hanging and occasionally spending the night (no parents home obviously) but NEVER making any moves. So anyway, summer ends and school starts and like i never got to see him anymore, and it became awkward. But one night me and my friend pick hi up after his football and he's all like "can you take me home to shower" and we do and he's like flirty, but then we get back to the house were staying at and he's all like oh theres this party I wanna go to, except he didn't have a car and no one to take him, except me. Sooooo I do, because Im like feeling bad because i knew he didn't wanna hang with me and my friends, except he didn't even ever really ask me to come with him to this party so I'm like WTF. Then Im driving home and i get a call from his pal who's like "omg why didn't you come in blah blah" and whatever i was absolutely p*****. Then the next weekend i take him home from dinner with our friends, and he's all like park in my driveway and i do and he sings the end of this song and then he's just like sitting there, and I'm just like okkk whats happening and I so thought he was gonna kiss me but he didn't. (and we are snapping this entire time) anyway then the next weekend we go back out to dinner and he's being weird, like super super h**** and obnoxious, and rude to our waiter. then he throws a condom at our couple friend, and he puts his hand on my thigh and i totally liked it bc i WANT TO FUCCK but he was being so terrible and mean. so after that i stopped talking to him pretty much. like i just cut it off, and it was so sad but i moved on. But i never found anyone i was THAT attracted to. Then a few months ago we start snapping again bc he's looking so FINEEE. then he's like "i know you liked me this summer and i got nervous and denied it and then he proved it and i was like lol well yeah over the summer i did but not now, and then he's like ok ok and stops talking to me for a little bit. but then picks back up once i send some good snaps... One thing leads to the next and he asks for nudes and I'm like so happy because thats the first time since summer he showed a lotta interest. but then a few f***** up things happened to me and i ended up getting in trouble and didn't talk to him for a bit. but now we are talking again, and sometimes he'll be so into me it feels like, and sometimes h*** not reply to my snaps until i yell at him. so HELP WHAT DO I DO? Also i call him hot to his friends all the time and so i feel like he has to know i like him but he's very noncommittal and i think he might think i want more than a sexy fling. ANDDD this morning i got a snapchat of him holding a box of condoms from his friend and I'm like wtff bc who else is he f****** like i don't know, he isn't talking to anyone, that i know of...

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