Belly punching

I'm a boy and I always wanted to get punched in my stomach like I want to be left breathless and still get punched while I'm breathless and I want my stomach to get punished and if any girl in Maryland with it please hit me up please I even like to get trampled

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  • Calm down creep

  • No takers on the punch in my belly ......................all i want is for a guy to punch me in the belly in front of some beautiful women that like to watch .......not just one if they want to see more .let me have it

  • If you are a girl then hit me up on my insta @lil_psycho___ I will gladly punch your belly

  • The movie .........every breath ...... judd nelson gets punched in the belly by a guy standing on the corner .right in front of Joanna Pacula , all she says is ,,,,hey, dont kill him ............good punch too .............................then in dirty harry the black guy beats up scorpio .what a punch in the belly !!!!!!

  • I did get beat up one time .guy wanted my beautiful girlfriend .went into the office she was the only one in there came the guy that wanted to beat me up ...she stood up and said not in here ..i said.lets go .she knew he was a tough guy .i did hear her say ,,,,,not in the face just in his belly ......outside he let my belly have it real good /punch after punch landing in my soft belly ..i looked up and she was watching out of the window .next thing i knew she came outside and said Ok stop..too late he landed the last good punch right in the middle of my belly ......he was walking away ....she told him .thank you for not hitting his face but his belly is going to be aching can you punch ...she helped me up and said .....i saw every punch land in your soft belly .worst part of it was laying down with her that night .she reflected on all the punches i took just her bra and panties on she said .i am looking at your belly and its funny not seeing his fist in there really got a belly full of knuckles .she even called a few of her friends and told them .. ......... if you ever need to have a guy beaten up let me know i have one for you .he beat up my boyfriends belly today and i saw it all

  • I love getting belly punched in front of women or by women

  • P****

  • Wow the guy got you good . your woman saw your belly getting punched out .what she said in bed must have embarrased you .the part about having the guy beating up a guy for some of her friends .................she saw your belly get a beating .........she liked it too

  • I would love to have a beautiful woman punch me in the belly that knows how to punch .not just once .....until she drops me to the floor .i want her to really like doing it too .her fist sinking deep into my belly ..hope she wears a bikini or a belly shirt when she does it ....any women that would like to do it ?

  • Know any women that would love to punch me in the belly ? maybe when she is done she will let me kiss her belly ..after getting punched out by her maybe she will let me do it

  • Please somebody punch me

  • U a boy or a girl

  • Wish i could find that beautiful .bikini wearing woman that loves to punch men in the belly .............anyone know any woman like this ?

  • Hey dude, I understand that you like that, but that can be real dangerous.
    We call it body punching and we used to punch our brothers, nephews, sons and friends all the time....we thought it would make you tough, make you a man......but we were wrong.
    Since you live in Maryland, then you can check this out for yourself. Washington,DC .......which is next to you had a prison called Lorton Reformatory in Virginia. Lots of prisoners used to body punch each other , but over the course of 5 years.....90 prisoners died from internal bleeding and no one understood why. But it was found out that all that body punching caused
    this internal bleeding.
    All I am saying is very careful about getting punched.

  • That's awesome. I'm a girl and I would p*** guys off all the time so they would punch me in the belly. I'm a chubby girl with a pretty pronounced belly button. I would wear a crop top and then I would do something to p*** the guy off and they would punch me in the belly. One night I p***** a group of drunk guys off. They were in a park after dark and I was walking alone. They called me fat. I punched one of the guys in the face and his friend held my arms up in a lock which made my whole belly show. They guy said he was going to punch my disgusting fat belly right where my belly button is. My belly button sticks out about 2 inches and it's about 3-4 inches wide. He grabbed my belly button like he was going to j*** it off and then he punched me right in the belly button. Then the guy holding my arms up turned me to each guy to let them take a turn punching me. The last guy pinched and twisted my belly so hard that I almost passed out. Then he let me go and walked off. It was an awesome experience.

  • Liar

  • I want to punch you

  • U a girl

  • No a guy

  • Would u want to punch me

  • I want to pumch

  • Wen

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