Terrible at this human thing

I suck. Yeah Im not very good at this human thing. Im not very good at being an adult or being in a relationship.
I'm insecure and jealous I hate my body and I hate that my boyfriend watches p***. Yeah yeah I know all guys do it. Well it makes me feel like s*** about myself... so I cheat on him with a guy at uni. I want to stop but I also don't. I know I'm going to lose my boyfriend. I deserve to. Go ahead and judge me. I'm just tired of feeling so torn up and bitter all the time that I'll never be good enough.

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  • I don't think you cheat because your boyfriend watches p***. I think you cheat because you have low self-esteem and having more than one guy makes you feel wanted.

  • Dont blame him for feeling like s*** about yourself. if there is something you dont like chances are you can change it with effort. chill the f*** out and mabye tell him that he can f*** someone else too. what a smack in the face that is having a lazy ass girlfriend who cheats because shes insecure because shes too lazy to look after herself.

  • Maybe you need to focus more on your emotional and physical well-being. This requires time and sacrifice to heal yourself alone. You can only do that, if you're single. Focus on yourself and no one else, it seems like you need it.

    Perhaps you should end it with your bf and the guy you're seeing on the side. You acknowledge cheating on him is wrong, so why continue to do it?Wouldn't it be better to end the relationship? If you agree, I suggest you don't confess to him you've cheated, It maybe devastating for him to know that.

  • What's the alternative to being human? What would you rather be?

    To be honest, whose an expert at being human? It's what we're and can't be changed. You just learn to live your life and try to make the most of it.

    No one is perfect.

    Pursue activities and hobbies you love or want to embark on, that should inspire you to explore a side of yourself, you perhaps didn't know about or let flourish. Take small steps each day if you have to. Small changes lead to big one's and before you know it, you maybe happier within yourself more. Learn to love and cherish yourself, only then, others will do the same.

    Seek support and guidance from loved one's, support forums/groups online or face-to-face in your local community. Perhaps therapy, whatever floats your boat.

    Good luck

  • Thank you!

  • Wow...good luck with life. You're a mess. I hope your boyfriend runs far and fast.

  • Douchebag!

  • Not helpful!

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