Hot mother in law

Wifes farther was in the hospital we went to visit and stayed at their house, her mother told I could use her husbands computer while her and my wife went to the hospital. I started to get nosey and it didn't take long to find a file with sweet old mons name on it. It had hundreds of pictures and vids of my mother in law, they started in her mid twenties thru her fifties she's in her late sixties now and you would never believe that she would do the things I saw, her with other men most black, most more than one, gang bangs, lots of men. I ran out and bought a thumb drive and made a copy.

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  • Bull s***. They didn't even have video cameras 40 years ago.

  • So who are you the self appointed BS Patrol Troll that don't know crap.

  • The videos were of her later years. I know there were VHS cameras in the mid eighty's, the earliest pictures were Polaroid, you might want to Google that, he had used a scanner to save them in his computer.

  • May a thousand n****** f*** your wife!

  • I wish a thousand nigg3rs would fu3k my wife!

  • Me too!

  • Yes they did. Where the h*** have you been? Try Googling 8 mm film camera.

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