Most helpful lingerie shop assistants.

I have just returned home from a successful shop for petite panties. What a joy it always is as the assistants enquire to what I am looking to buy. Today, like other lingerie shops I advised that I wanted tiny, tight, feminine panties that would keep my c*** firmly in place. Sometimes the assistants look surprised, sometimes a little shocked but they are soon all to keen to help when I tell them I can normally squeeze my 9 inch p**** into U. K. size 8. I wondered off but quickly returned holding a micro pair of U. K. size 6. "Do you think I will fit into these ? I asked. "Only one way to be sure" as the assistant beckoned me over to the changing room. I had just removed my panties to attempt to get my manhood into the tiniest panties that I had ever tried. Suddenly the curtain burst open and the assistant said "Perhaps we can help ? There were four ladies staring (mouths open) at my fully effect c*** in awe. With no more ado they swamped me with the older sixty plus (yet very trim) lady taking my shaft and plunging it into her gaping mouth. She emptied my b**** in no time. As my c*** relaxed I had four pairs of hands stuffing my buldge into the new skimpiest of panties. "There you go dear, but hold on you are getting stiff again" she said. We could all hear the material of the taut panties straining against my fastly growing c***. Then the panties could take no more and they tore under the pressure of my once again fully erect c***. The younger of the assistants bent over in ridiculously tight leggings as her middle aged pony tailed colleague firmly grasped my shaft and urged me to unload all over her friends tiny Lycra encased bottom. Soon cu* was flying all over her tiny tush and the three other assistants licked all of my cu* clean off her ass. They all smiled at each other "come again soon" said one of eager quartet "we would love to dress you in stockings and suspenders and stilletos." "No time like present" I replied. I no time I was fully kitted out in French knickers to boot. "Iris our boss is here now and she wants to she what all the fuss is about." "Introduce us then I urged." With that a stunning lady in her late sixties winked, slid to her knees and said "right c*** sure let's see what you've got !" Panties now round my ankles has her scarlet lip gloss painted lips wrapped around my hard member. Seconds later I exploded my salty seeds deep down her throat. The assistants cleaned my c*** I put on my trousers and went to leave. "See you Monday please" they pleaded. "Can I phone you tonight ?" one asked. I passed my mobile number and it was ringing before I made it back to the car. They say they can't wait and are coming round to my house tonight with lingerie gifts - whose a lucky boy ? They know what I like and my boll**** are sure to be empty later on tonight. Oh the thought of cu**** all over the four of them makes me positively drip right now !

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