Stepdaughter was mad at her mother and told me that her mon had f***** a lot of black men, wife doesn't say any thing, Stepdaughter says "mon was a s***" and "a w**** before she met me" the wife just stares at the floor' doesn't deny anything.

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  • Disgusting.

  • Hot

  • Well, perhaps your wife SHOULD have told you before she married you, but I actually think this is a positive, rather than a negative. If she's sexy enough to have attracted black d***, then she's SUPER sexy. Consider yourself lucky that you have such a wonderful woman, and such a hot piece of ass!!

  • "Sexy enough to have attracted black" Oh h***, n****** will f*** any thing!

  • I would f*** the stepdaughter instead. Tap that younger p****!

  • Give it a try. Sounds like she's jealous of mommy

  • So? It should make you feel good to have been able to rescue this woman from her devastating lifestyle. I would be so proud if I were you. And after I would prolly try and have some of the dirtiest s** ever with her in reminiscence of her past. I would roleplay the h*** out of this situation if she would would allow me. Also, if your wife really is so ashamed of it, her daughter is some b****.

  • Dirty s** is why I am with her mom, she was the easiest f*** I ever met and has let me do any thing I have wanted, she takes it in all three holes, swallows, lets me take pictures. I think it's about time to include a few others.

  • Wish my wife was a dirty w****. Would love to see her used

  • Where are you from? Can I use your wife

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