I don't want to get married

I don't want to get married.

i'm 30 and i just want to have s** with many women, not just one.

i just want to have multiple sexual relationships with women that don't want to get married.

i also want kids though. i think it's necessary to be a dad and raise kids, but why should being a dad mean i have to be married, and have s** with only one person the rest of my life?

who made this rule up? it's not going to work for me.

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  • Whether you get married or not. Children are a lifetime commitment. And also even if you are not married to the woman or women who bear children for you, you have monetary and other co-parenting responsibilities to them and your children. You can live your life anyway you choose. But be honest with what you want. You may actually be able to find women who aren't looking to marry and want children. But be clear at the get go. The thing about marriage as to why it's important for children.. it's said that parents are the first relationship you witness and that is how you model your life. Not saying everyone's family is picture perfect or that it can't change, but that's the basic principal. And there are people who still want to marry and not sleep around. You are most likely not ready for that commitment. And you may want to put off children for awhile as well. Because having children will change your life completely in both the best and worst ways. So you need to be ready for that.

  • I think you should adopt a kid, so you don't have to deal with the drama of having the mom around. Then just stay single, date various chicks, and bang away to your heart's content.

  • I'm pretty sure to adopt a kid you need a stable relationship and even sometimes you need a kid of your own, am i right? I think it's that way in Canada.

  • You think or you know?

  • It's neither mandatory nor necessary,
    to get married or/and children. It's an individual preference/choice.

    Earth is overpopulated as it is, so not having children is a good idea. Yet again, it's your individual choice and preference.

    Do as you wish, it's your f****** life!who gives a rats ass?!

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