I hate sexting

Its not a confess actually its the story behind how I loosed my virginity to a complete stranger and it was also a nightmare for me. 1 year back I randomly joined a dating type app not actually dating but kind of. I came across many strangers & one of them was from australia. He was a muslim by religion & a doctor by profession, a plastic surgeon. Ok now let me tell you about me I live in vermont, 22 & studying applied mathematics. I have a elder brother working in NATO, my dad owns a few clothing outlets & my mum is a housewife. I remained quite studious from the 1st grade & I had a bf in high school but we broke up when I stepped in university. So I was chatting with this guy about some medical issues mine after we got comfortable with each other. The issue was too personal, my hymen wall was abnormally thick nd my gynecologist suggested for a surgery as if I do it in bed it'll hurt like h*** etc. The guy suggested me some exercise to break it naturally as I was not ready for the surgery. He tells me that he has a house in texas & he will be coming there for a week nd he wants to me. I agreed as he was very polite nd behaved decent. Long after that I somehow forgot about him cuz I was taking my exams. Oneday he suddenly came to my house nd I was shocked to see him. He told me that he found the address from my fb profile (fast forwarded)nd now he has got some recordings of me naked while he was teaching me the exercises of breaking the hymen naturally through Skype & he will not show it to anyone if I let him to break my hymen. I was like wtf! is happening because i never thought this would turn like this(fast forwarded) I was crying like h*** I was pleading him not to do this to me but he didn't listened I went in cursing him & then he threatened me to upload this in social media Dad was in the house it made me more weak I kept on checking frequently to make sure no one watches he told he desperately needs a sexual partner nd it was heaven to him to have a virgin girl. That night I couldn't sleep I knew I have to do this or he will ruin my family's reputation especially my dad & I thought of complaining to the police but it is of no use. I refused to go at his placed he booked a hotel near my place. I went there he made me kneel down put his p**** inside my mouth fully nd I was out of breath but he grabbed my head tightly to his b**** and I can't even move and then I couldn't control I vomited it continue 30 minutes then he laid me on the paid hiked my denim skirt up spread my legs positioned his hard rock like big circumcised thick p**** to my entrance but I resisted I didn't let him to do that but I was helpless he got it then. He ties my hands with his socks with the bed and again positioned his d*** took a deep breath a shoved it in in one go. I was feeling like a dead fish sweating trembling breathless couldn't shout I was breathless but then I shouted I screamed like h*** blood was oozing out a lot from my v***** he put his tie on my mouth to stop me from screaming and now again he position his b***** d*** and rammed in again I was trembling like I was going to die he kept on pounding me hard as possible but couldn't do faster as it was too tight and vaginal blood was blocking it.. I was crying and crying begging him to stop but he was no mood to listen my cries. He kept on pounding me hard as possible just like He was stabbing my v***** with his d*** and pressing my b**** hard making it red Omg!!! It was terrific and pathetic He was a bull he kept pounding and poundingpounding and then made me in doggy style and entered from rear that position was too painfull for me it was like my would have popped out he was give hard thrust Finally he cumed and my I was feeling that my v***** was burning there. He almost tore it apart. He went to take shower and I was lying there little unconscious legs spread in blood soaked bed sheets and his c** mixed blood dripping from my v*****. Saliva was also dripping from my mouth. After then he gave me painkiller and put a gel on my damaged v*****. He ordered some food after that to some medicines. He took me to the bathroom helped me to clean myself and put my clothes on. He apologized and promised me he would never contact me again After that he dropped me to home and he deleted the videos too He genuinely felt guilty I observed in his face. Anyway as promised we never came in touch but I couldn't walk for weeks. Nothing was damaged I tested after that. So never believe a guy during sexting It was a freaking nightmare for me but finally I lost my virginity

May 30, 2017

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  • Muslims are sick f****, don't you know this you idiot?

  • Rape.

  • Damn. I would have licked your p**** until you c** many times. Before tearing up your p****.

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