I love pee!

I often drink my own pee. Not the first morning pee because it is bitter but after some coffee with splenda and a couple of glasses of water it is not bad. My son lost his job so he and his family moved in with me. I am very careful to keep the toilet seat clean and have noticed that after my sexy little daughter-in-law goes to the bathroom there is often a few drops of pee on the toilet seat. I could not help myself and finally just started licking it up straight off of the seat. I also do most of the laundry and notice that her panties are usually wet with pee and she sometimes pees in the bed so I would think she has a problem holding it. I love finding her wet night clothes and suck on the crotch of her wet panties while stroking my c***. I am not sure if she has figured out that I enjoy playing with her wet panties but she does not hide them. She will simply throw them in the hamper knowing I will wash them for her and puts the wet sheets on the floor next to the hamper. I am happy to do it!!

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  • Any particular vintage you prefer?

  • You should drink soo much that you get poisoned and die soo you quit posting these

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