I like to get beat up.

I'm a female and I love it when men are mean to me. I like it when they use, beat, blame, etc. me. I will love them but they would take their anger out on me, they can cheat on me. They would make me do everything for him. I'm in a relationship right now and he abuses me and treats me like a slave. When he has no one else to have s** with, he will an intercourse with me, and he pulls my hair alot. I cheated on him once... He drugged me and I left without him noticing. I had an intercourse with another man and I feel so bad. I shouldn't have done it but if I tell him he will leave me! I love him so much too... He got demoted at work a week ago and he keeps punching me everyday about it. Should I tell him? Will he hurt me more or leave me?

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  • Hi I'm the Creator of this post and if you have any personal questions about me and my relationship my email is IShipEveryThingWatchMeBackUp@gmail.com
    I created an account:)

  • I dated a woman who wanted..needed, me to pull her hair so hard, yank it back, so her head would snap back and I'd have a handful of hair in my hands. Did it to her once, at a bar, just for fun, and she said "Oh, yeah..Harder..Be mean", so, I started pulling and yanking, full hand of hair in my fist..In bed, she wanted the same, but also to grab her ass and squeeze so hard she'd shriek..I always did it for her.

    A FWB from my business group, a petite, pretty, way thin blonde (and mom of 2), likes guys to literally take her by her tiny, size 0 waist, and throw her around the bed. Around, up and down..Just squeeze her tiny waist and toss her around. I've done it to her, and it's very arousing...Helped her clean a crawlspace one weekend, and she wore a less than half crop-top that just showed off her tiny waist so much, I had to have at it. Grabbed her in the lower level of her house, tossed her onto the couch, and gave her what she wanted.

  • My husband is a very VERY good man, and would never mistreat me. The problem is that his being so straight-laced makes him a bore in the bedroom. So I find my sexual joy in extracurricular activities, one of which is a BDSM club in a city an hour or so from where my husband and I live. When it comes to the rough stuff, I'm good with almost anything up to the point of drawing blood: I won't go beyond that. In this club, the men are almost always willing to take you where you want to be taken (the exceptions are rare where they are only in it for themselves, and those members don't last). I recommend you searching for a similar arrangement, just be sure they are all discreet and respectful of your personal boundaries. Enjoy!

  • If you can admit to yourself that you enjoy getting beat that fine, just dont be changing your mind later and tell people that you were abused all these years

  • I won't. Even if I do change my mind I would not tell anyone.

  • I understand your need. And I feel the same. I know that when a man beats me it's because he loves me. It hurts, but it makes me feel wanted.

  • Glad you feel the same way

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