Reasons why I hate malaysia

Malaysia, Malaysia is a country that was full of racism there's about three main race in Malaysia like Malay,Chinese,and the Indian what's make me hate Malaysia is their rotten community.I hate Malay yes I'm racist but not towards the Chinese and Indian beside these two race is easy to be friend unlike the Malay people there is alot thing that was very sensitive they like to discuss and whati mean is like their culture and religion most of them are so racist toward other religion then the Islam religion. me myself is a Muslim but in north Borneo religion is what we keep in our heart to believe and we never convince someone to convert into Islam with force we never disagree if other religion make their own temple or church unlike the Malay people they will protest and make Islam is a bad religion.the second thing that I hate about Malaysia is their rotten economy instead of making their own product they keep taking material and money in our state “sabah” and Sarawak and feed these Malay peninsula people our prime minister and the rest of malay peninsula minister are hopeless they can't make their own product and selling it to another country for our country benefits but instead of doing that they're simply robbing my state I know people will got mad if they read this especially the Malay people who got rude attitude and Islam fanatic Muhammad saw never teach us to be racist toward other religion and why does Malay people like to get married with an underaged girls and its happen to my friend a guy came to Sabah cuz he found 13 years old girl and disguise him self as seventeen before he tell my friend family that he was 24 years old he want to marry a little girl I was in a high school and most of our teacher is Malay people and most of them confessed that Sabah has nothing other than lazy people who never try to keep up their state like the other place like their kl and other state well they take our money and thought that Sabah is still living in a primitive life but they are so wrong if it was not because of us they will never survived as a successful country not without Sabah and Sarawak money .I'm not the one that said proud to be sabahan or proud to be Malaysian because I simply hate Malaysia well our community,economy, sports except badminton “well Chong Wei was the world champion ”and these fanatic religious people make me feel like why I must be a Malaysian it was embarrassing and I wish I can use some dirty ringgit to get out from this county soon

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  • If you can get a Malay schoolgirl alone, she'll be more than happy to let you ram her. I know, because I spent a long time there.

  • Getting her alone is the problem. I managed it with four when I lived in Malaysia. They loved oral, and I always satisfied them before ramming my thick member up them. I often had to wear a condom because none of them could get access to the pill. Two of the girls were preteens, so I could shoot my load up them without fear of getting them pregnant.

  • Malays are hypocrites and racists. I lived there a long time. The police are corrrupt and most of the men want to hump a foreign tourist woman.

  • I hate Malaysia because those n****** over there don't know how to f****** fly a g****** airplane.

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