Guys revving cars/trucks

I get totally turned on by guys revving their cars or trucks barefoot! Love it with all that power under their foot!! Any guys out there like doing this?

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  • When I got my first car I was in high school and 16 years old. It had a sweet motor under the hood and I love to sit and just push the gas pedal hard with my barefoot and rev it up. a buddy of mine came over one day and I was able to show him my car. He jumped into the drivers seat I asked him if he could start it up and rev it up some while I film the engine and exterior. I came over to the drivers side door that was opened and I had to check out his feet on the pedals. They looked amazing as he began revving it up more and harder I glimpsed his right foot on the gas pedal and he had on a pair of sneakers with no sox. I wanted to ask him to take his shoes off but I did not know how to ask that. I was really hoping to get a good look at his barefoot somehow. When I see a foot on the gas pedal that is barefoot it arouses me big time.

  • Could I get your email :)?

  • Omg, like me 2!!! its sew hawt n it obvs means theyre studly men omg. i also love it when they stink of axe body spray!!!!! omg like SO masculine omg. im ovulating all over myself just thinking bout ittttttttttt omg!!!!! tee hee

  • You revv your car orbtruck?

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