Looking to gain

My boyfriend dumped me after he found out I was fattening him up he lost his six pack after a week of me stuffing him he is out of shape ;) I miss fattening his soft belly up anyways. If you need a hot girl to feed you message me your Gmail I have thin legs blonde hair I weight 120 pounds and I'm dinky since after I stuff two days straight I just go to the bathroom and I'm slim again but lately my belly isn't going away but let me know if you wanna get fat ;) since I am lonely



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  • Boy didn't realize how lucky he had it. You're gonna make some lucky guy very happy as you stuff him into a butterball!

  • Hey, I'd love to be fed into your huge butterball guy! Shoot me an email at feedthefatty2748@gmail.com

  • Woah, who knows, maybe next time you are the one being fattaned without knowingnit

  • Lol, you're into the feeder fetish. Good for you....but maybe next time it'll be a food idea to let your partner know this.

    There a big community online for that sort of thing. Do hunting.

  • Hey. What country are you in?

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